• Just as a matter of proper wording, none of them were "English Colonies", but British Colonies. The British stared colonizing the western parts of Africa first, as they were more easily accessible by ships. As time wore on, it's interesting to note that the British had an almost straight line from South Africa to it's holdings in the Middle East so that goods could be transferred by land back the Great Britain almost with out ever having to leave the Empire. Starting from the relative top of Africa to the bottom, the countries that were under British control at one time or another are; Egypt Gambia Togo land Sudan Sierra Leone Gold Coast Nigeria Cameroon Somaliland Uganda Kenya Tanganyika Northern Rhodesia Bechuanaland Nyasa Land South West Africa Rhodesia South Africa
  • Ghana was also a British colony
  • Ghana = Gold Coast Togo land = Togo Somaliland = Somalia ( but is now sepating into Somalia / Somaliland again) Tanganyika = Tanzania Northern Rhodesia = Zambia Bechuanaland = Botswana Nyasa Land = Malawi South West Africa = Namibia Rhodesia = Zimbabwe The others kept their old names.
  • Tanganyika was not a british colony per se but a protectorate under the League of Nations. So Tanganyika was a part of the German Deutsch-Ostafrika.

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