• Act like you're a badass. Don't be cocky...don't be a dick. Just act confident. That's what does it - confidence.
  • Carry on being a nice guy and eventually you will attract a nice girl, good luck:o)
  • You aren't. You cant be too nice. Women like b*stards, but, generally, we dont want to spend the rest of our lives with one. Hey, I've had enough of the bad ones.......
  • Be confident and funny! Women love someone that is not all down on themselves. But I am not going to lie! I have pushed men away that have been too nice b/c i see them as weak. But then I GREW UP! Then I met the assholes that I wanted. Who hurt and scarred me. I regret not giving the guy like you a chance. Trust me. Stay how you are.
  • Don't *try* to be anything. Just be. If you are a nice guy, be that. But don't *try* to be overly nice. Don't *try* to be anything you are not. What put me off of guys who were "too nice" when I was single was that they tried too hard - there was just TOO much, everything was too overt. You don't have to be a jerk, but you shouldn't be giving her everything right away- right at the start. Just slow the niceness down maybe. Take a step back and keep something in reserves...but stay nice :o) The saying that "nice guys never win" or "nice guys always lose" is just not true. The race is more of a slow endurance race for nice guys and the prize is so much better. You WILL attract the right woman, eventually. You wouldn't want to attract a woman being something you are not because then you would be attracting the wrong woman!
  • Don't change anything. A lot of women like nice guys. I know Ido. Be confident! The right girl will come along!
  • Just be who you are. If you put on an act to attract a woman, it won't be you she's attracted to. Be who you are and be patient. Someone who appreciates you for being a nice guy IS out there!
  • You can't be too much of a nice guy if you are sincere. I only date nice guys. Sooo, what you need to do is be nice but also master the art of flirting. Don't be so nice that you are being like a brother, remind her that you are into her, flirt!
  • If your just naturally a nice and its part of your personality. then you shouldnt try to anything else.
  • Do not be too nice. That will make people think that your gay or something. So be confident. :) But dont be too full of yourself or women are going to think that you love yourself more than you can love anything.
  • Don't take any advice that involves changing how nice you are. You need a girl who is going to fall in love with the real you, so don't be anyone else.
  • 1.) NEVER listen to a woman about this. They say things that sound nice but are so far from the truth that I'd say they are liars. 2.) Don't BE nice. When I was womanizing, I would prepare by molding my point of view to be like god-damned Charles Bronson. I didn't impersonate him, I was just me with his personality. Got laid a LOT. 3.) Look dangerous. You don't have to do anything wrong at all. Dress the part. Holes in the knees of your jeans, black T-shirt with a pocket, long unkempt hair. Oh, they'll deny it but you're the one they will be checking out. 4.) Don't start being nice one you get laid. There are other things. That ought to get you started.
  • project a friendly image
  • Don't believe it...unless you're pretty young. Most women, once they've been in a relationship with a "bad boy", avoid them like the plague and chase the "clean-cut" guys. There are exceptions, of course, but in my experience (myself a clean-cut guy) the clean-cut guy is much more successful with beautiful women...once they've reached the age of 20 or so.
  • Don't change yourself. Just wait for the right one. The right one will be attracted to who YOU ARE. If they're not attracted they're not the right one, or not mature enough yet. Don't date girls. They are not ready and don't even know who they are yet.
  • just be who you are ..dont be a pretender

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