• You've got to be kidding. You can have him kicked off AB.
  • ignore it
  • I told you last night to go to his/her profile and go down to feedback and report them , if your not going to then they will have their way with you , and it looks like thats just what they have done
  • I would say so. Report him.
  • I would report them this shouldnt be allowed
  • It's patriotism for him, probably. He may have psychological issues.
  • please do your self and the rest of us a favor and report him , because if you don't trolls will start to take over AB just like they have at Yahoo and they screwed that up soooo bad , I know you don't like to report or flag things and neither do I ...but this troll is up setting you which is no good so just finish it now and report the troll:)
  • Normally, I would say yes. However, given that you have rubbed a few people the wrong way, I would have to see the context of the posts in question to make the final determination of whether it is racism or merely a personal attack. Forgive me for not rushing to your aid here, but I don't want to form any opinions without knowing what the situation is. Going off half-cocked leads to all sorts of problems, like Iraq. And I must say that some of the things you have said about the US military are fairly borderline anyways; if "military" were a race, you'd be pretty bigoted yourself. Sorry, but I respect you enough that I cannot lie to you. Response to emma - 2319 15 Oct 07: You called me a misogynist after I made a PERSONAL attack against you on one occasion. Am I wrong to question your objectivity enough to at least want to know the actual facts before weighing in? Now, if your account of things is accurate, then yes, it is. Unfortunately, my personal experience with you has turned me skeptical. I really hate to admit it, but like I said, I respect you enough that I feel you deserve the truth. Would you rather I were insincere and blew smoke up your ass?
  • I would call it more ignorance than racism. I don't see anything wrong with living with pigs if it is a necessity. Maybe he is scared by the fast economical growth of Asia and is passive agressive or something. However i also would not report him unless it bothers you personally. It's nice to have a good laugh and then:-)
  • It's not just racist, it's also stupid. Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan are among the wealthiest and most technologically advanced places on the planet. Tell him to look at the parts of his computer and other electronics and figure out where they came from. Usually a racist comment is based on some kind of stereotype, but that's just out of left field.
  • Yes. In fact, I would consider that grounds for being put in the PB. You should report it to a CL or admin.
  • Of course it is, it is also proof of just how ifnorant and stupid some people are.

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