• Well.. I like it up to tale of the body theif... Memnoch the devil needs to be burned... Merric sucked... Pandora was excelent.. Vittorio... not bad.. Marius's was good.. Armands sucked.. Blackwood farm was not bad either..if it just left out reference to merric and the whole mixing of worlds (have to read the witching hour series to get it..bleh) blood and gold..bhech as well. so besides the first 4 books (and really it could have been left at queen of the damned back then) the best she has writen would in my opinion be Pandora, Vittorio and Blackwood farm.
  • Are you serious I love pretty much all of them. Memnoch the devil was the best one, the only one that I didn't like alot was Armand. I recomend reading them all In order.
  • are you kidding me!!!!!!! Everyone of her books...and yes everyone were hard to put down!!! All of the vampire chronicles books were thoroughly seductive...yes some better than others, but all worthy of reading over and over again. Read the the three books of the mayfair witches as well...all of here books are intertwind in some way....even the new vampire chronicles are bring you back in time in some way with the early books that you have read. Keep reading!!!

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