• You beat the monster by eqiping ragornock and teasure magnet and eqipping the obliveon
  • Ah, the six-armed, sword-wielding, vicious-as-hell machine of death. I'm sure Mechanicles (those who watch "Aladdin" on TV will understand me) would be proud. This cousin of General Grievous must have killed me twenty times before I finally figured out how to defeat him. When the battle starts, attack the droid's arms. Lock on only if you loose sight of your foe, because it's best if you strike both arms from time to time instead of concentrating on just one. When the monster starts spinning his swords really fast, get out of the way. This attack takes a lot out of you, and you can't cure yourself with magic just yet. As soon as the droid's arms are out, he will kneel down and start snapping at you with his mouth. This is the only time that he is truly vulnerable to your attacks. Strike him as many times as you can with your keyblade, and when he gets back up, summon Tinker Bell. The monster than does his "destroyer droid" act, and activates a shield which cannot be penetrated by the keyblade. Only magic can bring it down, so attack the droid with various spells. Make sure that you always have at least two bars of magic, because you might want to sometimes cure yourself even though Tink is helping you out. When the shield goes out, attack the head again. Prepare yourself for split-second reflexes when the robot gets back on it's feet. Attack the arms again, but watch out: your enemy might perform a very dirty trick. If you give it enough time, the droid will leap into the air, spin all of it's arms at an incredible speed, and attack you like a giant throwing star. Avoid this attack by locking on to the monster so that you can always see it, and when it swoops down on you, run to the side first, and roll away at the last moment. Once again, take out the arms, strike the head, take out the shield, strike the head, etc. Keep doing this until the robot is ready for the scrap pile. Important note: If Tinker Bell dies during the battle, summon Mushu the dragon. His fire breath is very effective against the droid's shield. However, dismiss him as soon as the force field is down, because even though his attack is powerful, it is useless against the droid's armor.
  • To beat Kurt-Zisa, you should summon Tinkerbell and put Aladdin on your team and replace Donald. Aladdin's good for attacking and Goofy for healing. Tinkerbell will prevent Sora's death ONCE. And when that happens, she'll bee automatically dismissed. Keep on attacking the arms. Stock Hi-potions,Mega-potions,and if you can, Mega-elixirs. If you hurt his arms enough, he'll fall down and you have to hit his snake head. After that, he'll be in a floating ball. Dodge-roll when there are magic balls.When he makes a circle of Tornadoes, dodge roll out of the circle. Cast magic on him. If you run out of MP, hit his sheild to drop MP bubbles. After doing that same routine for a second time, he'll have new moves. He'll spin horizontally, like he's lying down. You should equip Hi-Jump and Super-glide, glide out of the way. He'll also spin vertically, dodge-roll that. He'll cast meteors out of the ground, Dodge-Roll that,After doing all that, you'll Finally beat him.
  • You probly want to cast an aeroga spell around you. The monster will cast a spell that disables your magic for a while. It while be holding two gems in its hands and you need to constantly attack the gems until you destroy both of them and then the monster will pass out then go full boar and attack his head u need to right by him unless hes spinning his blades around.
  • summon tinkerbell straight away, many people say mushu is a good summon, which i found to be true, to take down its shield that it puts up, which can only be disabled by magic, i tired that method but got decked anyway after i had done, so use tink as she'll stick around to heal you, use fire or graviga on the shield, attack the orbs it holds in its hand, then go for the head, this will happen in 2 phases: holding orbs to attack (locked magic plus spinning attacks) -> knocked out after killing orbs (go for head) -> floating around with shield (destroy with magic), this process should occur twice until you bring him down

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