• I was falsely accused of stealing money from work.
  • I was hauled into the jailhouse for burlarizing the local grocery store. (Turns out the neighbor kid did it)... I was arrested for Malicious Vandalism... Another neighbor kid... I was arrested for indecent exposure -wait... that WAS me (be careful who you moon)... I was arrested for evading the police... - yet another neighbor kid... (All of these neighbor kids ended up confessing, by the way). I was questioned numerous other times without being hauled in... And was innocent of each. I am going to say something that is going to risk offending, but I have no offensive intent. Our family was the only non Mormon family in Lewisville, ID... The town was full of wonderful people, but the elders found it hard to believe that any of the Mormon children could have commited these criminal acts. As the only Lutheran family in town, the fingers pointed and my door got knocked on first. Every time.
  • Yes i have been falsely accused off stealing 22 Grand out off a guys car while i was waiting for him in his car. He said i took the screwdriver that i had with me to force open his cubbyhole.How can he say this when there were lots off people around to see me how i was forcing the thing open with a screwdriver.This happened yesterday.He came with the police and they said i was the no1 suspect cause i was the only one with him in the car for the day.They put me into the back off thier van and put me in a holding cell for 4 hours.I got out on bail.Ive phoned my attorney and he said that guy's story wasn't making any sense at all.Even the state prosecutor said there should not have been a case.Remember i was put in a holding cell in south africa and the prisons here are the worst in the world.Also i had a very bad asma attack and the police officers just laughed at me and told me i was pretending to be sick.Eventually they took me out off the holding cell and put me on the ground. When the ambulance came to fetch me they handcuffed me to the bed in the ambulance.One off the paramedics wanted to kick me in the face and said im just pretending to be sick.All off them had a good laugh at my expense.When i was in hospital my sister and brother in law came to fetch me.I was so glad to see them that i burst out in tears.Please pray for me as my first case is this monday where i have to plea innocent or guilty. But im innocent and im going to prove it no matter what.
  • I was falsely accused of stealing my own car. Many years ago. I was outraged and let them know so in many ways. All was dropped. To this day I am sorry I didn't persue legal action.
  • Hi Morph!!!!!!! Long time NO see! Never, is my answer to the question!
  • I am an international student enrolling in China, the school accused me of cheating without any evidence! and they want me to write that I cheat but with NO evidence! What kind of legal action can I take? this is Communist China!

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