• Red wine if it's a beef-based stew, white wine if it's a poultry-based one, and Sherry if it's seafood-based. The alcohol burns off, and I think that the flavor of it adds depth and something extra.
  • Some tabasco, I love a hot stew.
  • a bay leaf
  • Beer, very good beer and no other liquid, no water or stock, just great beer :-) And try parsnips or turnips instead of potatoes. Save the potatoes for making mashed potatoes:-)
  • I like to add one or two of those gravy mix packets. Onion, mushroom, beef, taco seasoning, whatever strikes my fancy. The seasoning is good, the added body is nice in the stew. I have added mushroom soup before too. Cambells Condensed. I also like to add that, or cream of celery condensed to meatloaf. Ummm! Gonna have to make a meatloaf tonight!
  • I love to add portobello mushrooms. They're so meaty it adds such great flavor. I also love to add celery because it soaks up so much of the yummy flavor.
  • Rutabagas, celery root, turnip, parsnips, hot peppers, sweet green peppers, mushrooms, kuzu, kombu, Tai chili paste, ginger, leeks, beans and butternut squash, burdock, tofu, seitan, rice, top with mung bean sprouts or other kinds of sprouts. Not all together but those are some of what I use. Not sure how "different" they are or how special they make it.
  • 3-15-2017 I have an old family recipe which we always called "pot o' beans". 1 lb blackeye peas, 1/2 lb salt pork, 1 onion chopped, salt as desired, water to cover. You won't believe how good this smells. I make variations depending on what's available: lentils and hamburger, white beans and chicken (kinda tasteless), split peas and pork roast, and so on. It never occurred to me to use beer. I will try that.

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