• I am much smarter than most people think I am, and far more sensitive to criticism and harsh words than I let on.
  • If I told you that there would be no differences. :-)
  • I don't think there is any difference at all. I lay it all out on the line all the time and never hold back so if someone pays the least little bit of attention he/she will "know" who I am. I guess that question would be better answered by my family/friends, though.! :)
  • Depends on what people we're talking about. I'm also finding that the gap between the two is closing as I get older because I'm more willing (and able) to reveal who I really am.
  • I agree with RosieGHM I don't think there is any difference at all.I am who I am all the time and a person's opinion, as I call what they think, isn't going to affect me.I think people should just pay more attention and be less opinionated.
  • Who I am and what people think about who I am - there's really no big difference. I don't portray myself to be something that I'm not.
  • Family and friends seem to think I am stronger than I really am.
  • Nothing much, except I'm a little quieter in person than on Answerbag.. That's it, though, as far as I know.
  • Some people find me intimidating. I am not at all. I'm very easy going.
  • First impressions of me in the real world are that I'm a cold hard bitch. But really, I like to think that I'm a very kind gentle caring person. It seems some of the facial expressions I make unknowingly project that impression. I just don't realize I'm doing it. People ask me all the time what my problem is, and I'm like what are you talking about, I was just thinking..

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