• Bowling, lawn bowling or golf.
  • I don't know what you consider an "older person"! Check with your community. I know people who are on 65+ softball leagues and travel to play. There's also 65+ basketball leagues. Swimming is great because it's low impact. Golf. Bowling (if you can stand the smokey bowling alleys). Biking. You can find bike paths that have beautiful scenery. You can always start walking, move on to jogging, then train for a marathon! (Why not?!) I'm not really a sports oriented person, but these are what I could come up with.
  • Swimming is very good or water aerobics. And ballet is very good to help keep you limber and retain your balance. My MIL did ballet until she was 88 years old, though didn't go on pointe. She started hiking and backpacking with us when she was in her 70s and did real well carrying a 26 lb. pack for up to two weeks:-) Even did a bit of cross country skiing
  • swimming

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