• It means you skate with your left foot forward I'm sorry, I misunderstood your question. I wouldn't think so, you should be able to take most tricks and do them in reverse. There are some tricks that might be too hard to do at first, but with practice, anything is possible.
  • Skating goofy just means you skate with your right foot on the front of your deck. It has nothing to do with your tricks.
  • No it just means ur left foot is back i skate gofy and im sponsered.
  • no it means riding with your left foot in back, toward the tail of the board instead of putting your left foot forward
  • i skate goofy but i can also skate regular n i dont have a problem landing or learnin any many of you guys think you no skateboarding to well . the people that just learn and feel comfortable with there stance (goofy) are the better skaters cause they learn and show determanation instead of bitching about stances
  • no. what i hate though, is that at some parks, the transisitions are ment for goofy and not regular, or regular and not goofy. im regular and my friends goofy, so it never works out. either he or I cant turn and get enough speed for the next tranny.
  • no goofy means that you ride your skateboard with your right foot in front and push with your left foot.
  • I'm not sure about it, but yeah they are ceratin tricks that goofy skaters can do than the skaters who skate the opposite of goofy tricks or style i hope this helped you

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