• I think it's a mild anti-psychotic drug. It's used to treat anxiety, confusion, delusions tension and agitation.
  • it is used to relieve nausea in cancer patients mostly but it is generally used for nausea. Try taking a look at this link...
  • I took some of these while on chemo + radiation and it made me extremely restless. I was pacing the floor for hours and simply could not remain still. I almost did not finish my cancer treatments because of this drug. My radiation involved laying still while a face mask held my head still. These daily treatments were augmented from five minutes during the first week to about 15 minutes during the final week. During my second week, I started with these pills and it almost became impossible to continue with my treatments for the following two weeks until my father realized it was that drug causing my restlessness. I quit just in time of the longer radiation sessions. For vomiting, instead, I just use regular Gravol.

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