• i have about 15 cats 3 fish, a bunny and a horse so yea and 3 cats that live in my house cause i live on a farm so i got to keep those mice away with my kitties
  • Right now, I have 2 cats, 2 doves and my daughter has a dog.
  • 4 dogs in the house 1 cat outside but I feed & pretty much take care of 6 more dogs in my neighborhood plus 12 cats that has been dropped off at my work place & the local car wash.
  • At one time I had, 3 dogs outside, one inside. Two iguanas a pair of parakeets and two ferretts.
  • I bred fancy guppies for awhile; at one point I had maybe 350-400 of them. I also had about 40 miscellaneous tropical fish in other tanks.
  • I have 2 cat and 12 fish
  • Growing up I had a dog, a cat and an ant several thousand I'm guessing:) Now, I just have my dog.
  • The most "pets" we've had at a time was aeound 30, but about 25 of them where foster cats/kittens that we were hosting. (I don't know what we were thinking)
  • 2 dogs 3 cats 6 fish 1 baby shark 1 baby alligator 3 rabbits 2 turtles 4 hamsters 4 birds 1 rat 3 parrots 8 cacaroches 3 spiders 3 snakes and michael jackson....j/p about him
  • like 2 summers ago all of my sibligs moved back home and brought their animals we had a zoo. 6 cats 3 dogs 4 birds and 6 adult humans all living in a 3bdrm ranch style house. It was crazy!
  • i have 1 hamster 1 jack russell puppy 2 gold fish 16 tropical fish 1 bearded dragon 1 turtle 20 odd pond fish 2 cats 6 stick insects not alot really im gettin another hamster tommorow.
  • I have 3 dogs, 1 cat, 12 fish and 25 chickens which are only going to be pets until they are ready for the freezer.
  • Well, Its Right Now: A Dog,Maltese/Poodle-Nikki A Dog,Chiuahua-Chanel A Dog,German Shepard-Daisy A Dog,German Shepard-Duke A Dog,Sheltie-Dallas A Dog,Sheltie-Cowboy A Cat-Gracie A Cat-Sterlin A Cat-Perdieda A Bird,Cockatiel-Sunshine A Bearded Dragon-O'Kita A Bearded Dragon-Phoenix I Probably Have The Most Pets Here!! :D
  • 2 dogs 1 cat 5 horses 1 bearded dragon a fish tank with apx.15 pish. 1 quaker parrot 3 cockatiels 5 budgies 2 bunnies 1 snake all live in my house...except for the horses lol
  • We've had four dogs, 12 cats, dozens of parrots and birds plus outside animals like goats, horses, chickens, geese, and everything else, all at the same time.
  • right now 2 chickens 1 cockrel 3 geckos 1 rainbow lizard 1 bosc monitor 1 bearded dragon 1 dog
  • My mom loved cats when I was younger. We had seven of them and a dog. Few died others she gave away because she had a fulltime job and felt that she had to give them a warm nice home because she wasnt home all the time. When I was nine I got my first real pet. (goldfishes just do not count for me.) It was a rat. After that one died I got two rats, my mom bought another one because I told her they would kill her because no one would buy her. That was fun, so I had three rats. That was the most. After that I have only bought two everytime. My husband likes them too.
  • Three black cats. Meow.
  • Well as a youngster living in Florida my dad basically had a small petting zoo on out property. Local schools would come to our place for field trips. From what I can remember we had: 6 Horses 1 Cow 1 Pig 1 Spider Monkey 20+ Chickens 10+ Ducks 5 Guineas 1 Peacock 5 Guinea Pigs 20+ Gerbils 2 Indigo Snakes 4 Box Turtles Koi Pond with numerous Koi. At the present time I have: 4 Dogs 1 Cat 2 Ball Pythons 3 Anoles 3 Rats Numerous fish in 2 - 40 gallon tanks.
  • 3 dogs, 3 birds, and 2 kittens. it was a mess lol +3
  • Right now! 4 Dobies and 2 "ankle-biters"!
  • A female cat and a litter of about six kittens.
  • 128, not including things like fish. I don't remember the exact count. Largely made up for birds of various sorts from finches to parrots and rabbits. Along with a handful of cats. 2 dogs, 4 reptiles, 2 turtles, hamsters, some ducks...
  • Eighteen birds and one 110 pound Red Bone hound. In the morning it sounded like the Amazon forest.

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