• I tell my clients it depends on long or short,from there I provide a cut and style that flattering for what face shape,also find out their lifestyle,are they into sports?like to primp?how much time do they want to spend on their hair? or is it at an inbteen stage that they are growing out to achieve a certain look. Have your stylist do a consultation bef. starting,even if shes a regular to make sure you both are on the same page,let them know wich side they fight more with, that spot that flips wrong, annoying colicks all these things can be adjusted,customized....
  • Well... If you have long hair you can always go for a side part, and get some layers in there. You can keep that straight or wavy. If you have short hair, (like slightly lower than the chin and up) You can curl it inwards, you can go for longer in the front, shorter in the back. You can also give it a slight wave, very gentle and or give it a wispy kind of look at the bottom. Theres also always hairsticks, hair clips, little flowers, haha, that you can just pop in there, good luck with your hair XD

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