• tie her to the back of your car for a mile or so should be enough
  • Jesus. She should be put away for a good while. This reminds me of that one National Lampoon movie.
  • She should be charged with committing animal cruelty or other related offense. If she couldn't take good care of a dog, don't keep a dog! It's so simple.
  • that makes me sick to my stomach. if she murdered that poor animal like that she needs some serious psychological help. that is NOT okay nor should it be tolerated. i get so sad hearing about animal or child abuse. how dare those do harm to those who cannot defend themselves!
  • Let me know where the b**** lives & I'll demonstrate the proper way someone who is cruel to animals should be handled......:oP
  • Nobody seems to have contemplated the idea that this woman may be distraught because she didn't even realise that the dog was attached to the car. This seems a more plausible idea than that she deliberately dragged it through public streets.
  • Sweetie, there are some sick M-F's out there in this world and you encountered one. I feel bad for your child because this gut-wrenching image will be burned in her mind for a long time, you may have to take her for some type of trauma counseling. There are humane ways to end the life of a dog and this was not one of them. What I think should happen to this person and what will happen are two different things. Sadly, the laws will not make the punishment for this horrible action stiff enough. So sorry for you this morning, I would be sick.
  • Oh my gosh....I'm sure that had to be an accident, but I couldn't imagine not remembering that your dog is chained to your car. I'm sure the woman is completely torn up about it. I am torn up about it myself, stories like this make me feel awful.
  • She should go to jail for a very long time - was it intentional, was the dog on a pickup truck bed and fell off, I would have to wonder what the situation was.
  • I've seen this happen before. The person took their dog to the park met her girlfriend tied the dog to the bumber on a long leash while they chatted, got in and drove away forgetting about the dog. She was heart broken. A stupid mistake, but people can be stupid at times and everyone makes mistakes. I don't think (unless there were extenuating circumstances) that she should be punished. The dog's death and her personal guilt is enough. Don't kick a person when they're down.
  • Crime: negligence of some sort, or animal abuse if it was intentional. In the latter case, I don't think any jail time would make a difference, unless it was going to show her that she couldn't get away with it... it'd be nice if people who had such crimes on their records couldn't get animals again (whether from breeders or a pet shop or the pound or out of the box of free puppies... have no idea how you'd arrange for the last one to not be possible, though). Former? Well, holy crap, if she didn't mean it I'm sure she's learned her lesson! Give your kid lots of hugs. How goddamn awful.
  • If it was intentional I would like to see the woman arrested and given community service in a animal shelter! I doubt she would do time. Maybe by being around animals who she has to witness thier pain and suffering might change her attitude towards animals! Give your daughter a huge hug from this aber friend it couldn't have been easy for either of you to witness. Here's hugs for you as well!ooooo
  • If it was a true accident (and frankly I have a real hard time believing THAT concept) she should have to do community service and be fined...for NEGLIGENCE. If it was done (or proved to be done) with intent to cause harm/death...then she should be fined even more..$5000 or so sounds good to me and serve one year for every mile that dog was forced to endure...four wasn't it? She should also not be allowed to own an animal again, without receiving counseling...if accidental...NOT EVER if on purpose. I can't tell you how very, very sorry I am that you and your child had to see such a horrific thing...nightmares I'm thinking may happen...lots of talking to be done for BOTH of you. Cry and talk until you don't need to cry and talk about it anymore.
  • well she should be locked up before I got to her down and didn't hear ...bullshit ! and to the cops who believed her ...bullshit !...if she couldn't hear the poor bloody dog screaming then she wasn't paying attention when driving ....'neg driving' why no ticket for that alone ...bullshit! sorry for your kid and even sorrier for the poor dog to have had such a f**kingcow for an owner
  • My first thought was what if that was me and I forgot my dog was there. I would be inconsolable. My pets have always been part of the family. If this was an accident, I wish her well in coping with this tragedy. If this was not an accident, you can check out my answer to an animal cruelty question here:
  • I have looked up the actual article from Tampa about what happened. PLEASE read the comments from the subscribers. it puts it into a whole new light.
    • Linda Joy
      The article is no longer there. But thank you for trying to educate us and explain what happened.
  • I have typed 3 different answers and none are harsh enough for her...but as long as there is suffering involved I vote on that! I am so upset my stomach hurts.
  • I heard about a similar case up in Canada this past year. There are some nasty people out there. Sorry your daughter had to see that. Just make certain she knows that most people wouldn't do something like that.
  • Awww! Poor puppy! X'( Death to her by ruru!
  • well i think she should go to jail. thats what will happen to her anyways
  • She should be chained to the back of the truck and dragged down the road til dead. She is of no use to anyone in society for any reason. I realize this answer will raise a lot of hackles. Sorry. That's how I feel about it. People who would do something like this to a defenseless animal are just useless.
  • From what you've posted here we don't even really know what happened. Maybe one of the kids tied the dog there. I'm thankful the general populace is not allowed to take matters into their own hands! Jeez! Kill first and don't even bother to find out what happened?

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