• Metal coins should work.
  • A distant relative to tanning goggles are Inuit snow goggles, which cover the eyes, leaving a very thin slit through which to look. They are used in the Arctic, where a person may experience snow blindness when exposed continuously to bright light from the sun in both the sky and reflecting off snow- and ice-covered terrain. An example can be seen at the bottom of this page from the Canadian Museum of Civilization: . Be the first on your block to own a pair. They would be distinctive, if distinctly out of place.
  • Winkies.... They are those stickers that you wear over your eyes. You can see through them once the UV lights/bulbs are on. Most tanning salons carry these. They could be called another name if made by another company though. My salon does not advertise having these. They have them only available in the spray tan booth, but I go in there, and get them every time I tan!

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