• Yes !! I've thrown quite a few things in my time. Years ago, I was attempting to change a transmission mount in a 1983 Camaro , and I was using a cheap socket wrench. I had all my force on the wrench when the gears stripped and snapped. My knuckles smashed into the surrounding metal. and it took gobs of skin off and I was bleeding pretty bad. It was very cold outside and that makes it hurt even worse. After yelling every curse word in the universe, I set a world distance record for "Wrench Throwing." That taught me to NEVER EVER buy cheap tools again !! I've Killed a few cell phones. I've also wrapped a non-starting weedeater around a tree . Oh well ... I needed a new one anyway ;-)
  • Yes when I was 3 I threw over a kitchen chair! My Dad put a fairly fast end to me throwing things in anger!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!:):):)
  • Yes, I tend to have a temper. A cocktail glass at a b**ch.Yes it broke but not on the floor.
  • I came home from school, i was about 12, and my 2 brothers locked me out (the buggers) and it was snowing, i was fed up and tired, so i started banging on the glass pane back door, i was knocking for ages, then i started to really lose it and knocked so hard my fists went throught the glass! ooops!
  • When arguing with my husband years ago i threw and smashed a cup of tea at the wall behind him and i enjoyed doing it and it stopped the argument in its tracks...those were the days.
  • A very large potato in an argument over Instant Mash (again!) I missed, she threw it straight back and scored a hit in my bits, oww! :o)
  • i was shooting some hoops in my front yard one time. i kept missing, so i threw the basketball at the backboard (made of cheap plastic) and the thing just shattered. sharp pieces of plastic were everywhere. my dad wasn't too happy, since he got me a new backboard. :)
  • I haven't but my x wife threw an expensive piata that we bought in Rome at me, funny picking up all the pieces I could never find Mary's one arm (8.)....
  • I take the 5th
  • Yes I threw my brother Mike out a picture window after he slapped his wife in front of me and called her a useless Bi+ch, because she was too busy to get him a beer.
  • Yes, I have. I think it was a dish. I caught my husband using drugs and he had the nerve to tell me he wasn't doing it.
  • I threw a chair at drywall and gashed it. I think I was looking for something.
  • Yes, when I was younger and less patient, I enjoyed breaking things out of frustration and screaming, thankfully, it was nothing of value.
  • not angry, i have to be really tired to do that. Like today i got home at 3 am from work, bed at 3:30. At 4:30 my friend was in my room packing his army duffel bag to go to fort stewart, his alarm clock went off. Since hes hyper in the mornings, he started being loud to wake me up. Lets say he got punched in the gut AFTER i threw his alarm clock at the wall or what is now left of his alarm clock.
  • i broke my cell phone. Everything went wrong that day, ashton wouldn't stop crying, jenna was being a B*tch that day and i couldn't handle it so i went in my room and screamed and threw my phone.
  • Yep, I did..I slammed my hand, palm open, through the top of a door that had a window and shattered the glass..didn't get a scratch! Pretty dramatic, as I recall..I was angry about something and that act certainly made my point! :)
  • A prized sugar bowl against the kitchen wall. I was aiming for someone - but purposely was way off target. I am sorry to this day 30 years later.
  • Alarm clocks..... several.... whatever you do; never try to wake me up.... I don't know why but that is the one thing that p!sses me off so badly I might injure you! I am not even concious.... I just strike whatever is closest... kicked my ex husband in the nuts once for waking me... My sister throws stuff all of the time.... recently she destroyed her cell phone, broke a remote, dented her car, dented the oil tank... (she punches or throws) she is 18.
  • Yes, I have. And, I am not proud of it by any means. When we first married 27 years ago, my wife and I had a tuff little stretch, (at about year 2 thru 3), and it was ALL my fault. She made me mad one time and I threw a plastic clothes hanger into the wall. The second time, we were sitting down to eat, and she was ragging on me pretty good (I don't even remember why), and I threw my whole plate of food across the kitchen. I am happy to say that I outgrew those childish tantrums pretty quick. I am still ashamed to this day, for the way I acted in that short period of time. And, even when throwing things, I NEVER wanted to lay a hand on her, (and I never have)!
  • I've broken many things when I was angry, but not in many years. I handle anger much better now.
  • Broken is putting it midly, I slammed the door so hard the molding came loose in our new home because my s/o felt like playing golf with his father on his day off was better than spending time with me. I had to cover myself by telling him "OMG look at this, the house is settling, even the tile here is split in two" Thank god it's right next to said door frame!
  • Too many times to count and too many reasons to list :)
  • Yup i threw a glass cup at someones head when he was attacking my sister. Anyone touches my family i go physco on there arses lol :)
  • I punched a lot of pillows today and it wasn't very satisfying.
  • I threw my cellphone against the wall to stop hearing my cheating boyfriend. Was a very nasty guy. Seemed not to be able to answer any question. And I mean any question. All he did was reverse it. How was your day? How was YOUR day? Are you cheating on me. Are YOU cheating on ME? He never answered anything and that made me loose it.

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