• Probably not, since hitting your brakes twice implies that you might have been too close. If you are following someone hitting the brakes once when they turn, is best. to increase your distance to make your breaking more smooth and less perceived by the officer for following too close. It's his word against yours. If you have lot's of time and money and a good lawyer, go for it. Otherwise just let it go.
  • No. officers watch vehicles that constantly apply their brakes, for this reason. every been on the interstate, going the speed limit, and have a vehicle come up on you at a high rate of speed? you knew you were going to be hit from behind? following too close is the number cause of traffic accidents in the united states. i'm sure the officer had been watching you closely enough, to see the front of your vehicle nose-dive, when applying your brakes. this would be a red flag to a police officer. police officers are trained, professional observers.
  • You should be able to stop with sufficient time when traveling behind a vehicle, especially if it's only making a turn. I'd save your time and money and simply pay the ticket.

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