• They forgot to write it in theirs.
  • It does not say it exists in the bible. Look at these scriptures in your bible. Eccl. 9:5,10 Ps. 146:4 Ezek. 18:4 and don't get the "lake of fire" confused with hell because Rev. 20:13,14 says that the dead are delivered from hell (hades; the grave). Notice also that hell is not the lake of fire because hell will be cast INTO the lake of fire. Rom. 6:23 "The wages sin pays is death" Rom. 6:7 "He who has died has been acquitted from his sin." See it doesn't matter how long something is taught to the public that makes it right or wrong. It only matters what really IS right or wrong. Don't believe everything people tell you. The bible tells us that Satan is "the god of this system of things" how else could he have offered "all the kingdoms of the world" to Jesus if he just fell down and did one act of worship to him (Mat. 4:8)? Because they belong to him, Jesus didn't even dispute that. Satan doesn't want anybody to know the truth about God. One other truth is that Jesus had made Gods NAME known (John 17:26). So why is Gods personal name not in the bible but replaced by LORD (Jesus is shown as: Lord) because Satan is the ultimate Deciever and if you do some research you will come to know Gods personal name as Jesus made known to all if you don't just listen to what people say is right or wrong but "seek for the truth as if it were buried treasure" and you will find out what really IS the truth.
  • First of all the question is, not correct. Latter-day Saints do believe in hell, and if anyone tells you differently, they are not Latter-day Saints, or unknowledgeable of their own doctrine. And to the person that wrote they did not write it in their own that just shows ignorance. For the Latter-day Saint Bible is the King James Version and 2 Peter 2:4 makes it clear that hell is in the Bible. It is also mentioned in the Doctrine & Covenants 76:103-106 and the Book of Mormon Alma 40:13-14. Furthermore, the prophets and Apostles of the Church have all clearly outlined what hell is and who will go, Read conference talks by George Q. Cannon, President Joseph Fielding Smith, the Prophet Joseph Smith himself, James E. Talmage (JTC 468) and Bruce R McConkie, and anyone of the Latter-day Prophets, they agree with the Bible. It would behoove you to research your question before asking it they way you did. A better way to put the question so as to not look so uneducated would be to have said, DO Mormons…,
  • because its in the bible
  • Hell is not a Biblical concept.
  • Hell is a concept from the belief in Christianity. The mormons are not a part of christianity.
  • We believe that hell does exist we believe john 14:1-9 jesus clearly makes it clear that he and the father are two personages and that the resurrection is for everyone and that god will do his best to make sure that all his children being joint hera with christ will be given the chance to except the gospel and receive the chance to gain there portion of the gift god has for us if we are willing to except them but how can one except them without hearing then even christ himself went to hell and freed soul before he went into the heaven with a body of flesh and bone according to his visit with the apostles after the resurection. so we have believe that god will allow everyone to receive the gospel and if they reject the gospel of commit blasphelmy against the holy ghost they are son and daughters of perdaition and will not enter heaven and manison or glory so they will go to hell and stay there because they was given the gospel in purity in the spirite world and rejected it meaning they don't know god or dont want to know god so they cant meet god so they will be in hell with the Satan and all the other souls who rejected god from the beginning
  • it is IN the bible, not outside the bible. it exists in the mind of some poeple but has no physicalexistence.
  • cause they believe whatever they want to believe

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