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  • When a man usually ejaculates inside the women she can usually feel your penis enlarge and that is usually when we know you are lets say, done.
  • It would depend on the woman and the force and amount of ejaculate you expel. From personal experience when I routinely had sex with one of my former SO's she routinely felt my orgasms inside of her. On the other had several years later another only knew I had an orgasm by the fact of my obvious response. A final SO a few years later made a comment when I climaxed inside of her because she had never felt her ex when he climaxed.. So, it depends on your state of arousal and the woman's sensitivity. My arousal level was highest with the first person, as were my climaxes and the third person had the highest sensitivity.
  • As a woman, I have felt my boyfriends contractions of his penis as he ejaculates, but not the actual semen being ejaculated.
  • Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Depends on how strong the ejaculation is.
  • I can feel my boyfriend's orgasm (i.e. the muscle contractions), but not the ejaculation.
  • yes Its called the throbbing of the organ and the coming of the bride
  • yes,she can feel
  • Yes, I can definitely feel it. I feel his penis become very hard and then comes the throbbing, pumping feeling, and the head gets very rigid, and then I feel the warm ejaculate inside of me. This generally results in my most intense climax as well. I read that semen actually causes the release of endorphins in women when ingested orally or through vaginal absorption.
  • sometimes i can feel only the semen and sometimes i can feel only the throbbing of the penis when my mate is ejaculating. it all turns me on lol!
  • I'm a virgin.....getting ready to have sex with my bf for the first time. i'm on BC and the idea of using a condom sounds boring. Is it worth it to try it bareback and let him come inside me during our first time? I want the first time to feel amazing :)
  • Some women claim they can. I am a man so I dont know.
  • Yes, but it's a sometimes thing. I know when you do feel it it it a warm feeling and it feels like it's coming from you, but it's really his ejaculate.
  • I can feel him twitching, but not the actual cum-until afterward.
  • I can feel it when we both cum at the same time.. and it is amazing
  • i normally feel it but sometimes you can't. but believe me when you feel it it is the most awesome feeling.
  • Not always. I don't mean to be crude, but size has a lot to do with things. Girth of the man, tightness of the woman..
  • Yes, its a comforting feeling and you can feel it for hours if your lucky..But has to do also with age the older the man gets the less semen he has. So if your honey is getting older you will feel it less and less..those are the facts lady..So enjoy while you can.
  • As a man I always hope she can feel me coming in her. But, experience tells me if she actually does or does not feel my semen spurting it doesn't matter that much because when she has an orgasm and when I ejaculate the sensations are so fantastic for us both even when I'm wearing a rubber. When I was in my early 20's with a SO I could shoot it over our heads if I withdrew (which I only did once we when didn't have a rubber)so I assume she would have felt it inside her. But in that case I would have had on a rubber. Probably depends on the right lucky combination of a man and woman for her to feel his semen spewing in her.
  • as a guy who has had sex with women, they all tell me that they always know when i am about to cum, because the head of the penis gets as hard as a brick.......i am sure that she can tell all of that........take care....Brian......
  • Most of the time I definitely can feel my husband seman but other times I cannot. It just depends.
  • I know when I am doing it, i can feel the pressure building up inside me, then when I release it, I feel depressurized. I can feel the woman clamping down on me. I am pretty sure she can feel the twitching inside.
  • I have had many sexual encounters and most have said yes they can feel it
  • Mmmm hmmm.

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