• Use a {very} lightly damp cloth or buy computer screen wipes, but i dont know where to buy them.
  • Not sure what you mean, Haze. Do you mean a disk cleanup and de-frag, or a complete wipe of your hard drive (?) If the latter, you must know that you wipe out everything, unless you save your documents, addresses, favorite sites, music, etc. and everything else that you want to keep on a back-up disk. You can then use any number of means to wipe your hard drive clean. You may have a works program with your security system that will do it on command. Look for it. If not, there are programs you can download from the net that will do it. They might cost you a bit, but not much. Don't download any "free" one. There-in lies trouble. Or, you can buy a disk at your local pc store that will do it. Just be sure you understand what you are wiping out. Essentially everything. And be sure you have a Windows back-up disk if you want to re-install the same version of Windows afterward.
  • What, Tom??? its a truthful, normal answer... (i cant comment...)
  • You can't format your primary drive while Windows is running, so you will have to make sure that your computer tries to boot from CD before hard drive. When you first switch it on enter setup (normally by pressing Delete or F2 - watch for a message on screen) and look for the boot order option. Once you are certain that it will boot from CD put the Windows installation disc in the drive and switch on the computer. Full instructions are here:
  • When do that, I inser the DVD Rom that came with it, called recovery DVD for Windows Vista, and restart the computer. After an hour or more, it's like a new one. I must backup all files I want to keep, and make sure the boot is by DVD Drive.
  • Its impossible to do this. You might torch it and it will disappear. Computers have built disc areas that are forever there. this is for a reason. Burning is the only total out.
  • First backup all your personal files and make sure you have the driver discs for peripherals like printers, modems, etc. Also make sure you have your ISP's disc or know all the settings to get you back onto the internet. Go to a DOS box - Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt and type Format C: and press enter, this will erase everything from your hard drive and prepare it for a new operating system. When the format is complete insert the operating system disc and re-boot the computer to re-install the OS.
  • Depends on how old your computer is. Make sure you have the Ethernet driver, so before you wipe it, down load it to a disk before you do anything. Depending on the make and model of your computer just search the website for that particular computer, ex: Dell E6500, go to dell website, type that in, look for the tag number under the computer, type that in, drivers, Ethernet, download to disk bam! If your computer has a recovery partition on the hard drive you just have to reboot to that, when rebooting it will flash, choose F8 or F2. If you have a newer computer and it didn't come with a disk, double click on my computer and you should have another small section of the hard drive, it may say something like recovery or something. If not, use the disk your computer came with (boot to that) by using f8 or f12 ect. Follow the instructions, make sure you add an anti-virus first thing before going online. Do a windows update about 3 or 4 times before surfing the net. Make sure you install all your drivers, to check, right click on my computer, manage, device manager, there should be no question marks. If so after you have updated your computer, this may take hours depending on your Internet speed, just right click the question mark and search for the driver.

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