• Oh my, I hope that you have already consulted your frightening. I can't answer for the drugs, but as for a recovery it depends on how severe the colic was...what did the vet say or recommend? Some horses can recover from colic extremely quickly, and may seem back to normal the next day. It really, really depends on the horse and how severe it was. Only your vet can adequately answer these questions for you.
  • I never was able to find out anything that satisfied me with regards to this specific question on this specific product line...So I hope by now that all is well... Let us! For future reference I would say, call the phone number that is very likely to be ON the product, before you administer it or when you buy the product...before you actually need to use it...the manufacturer should be able to advise you...perhaps even better than the Vet...but check with the Vet too. Better safe than sorry.
  • Anytime your horse colics my first recommendation would be to call your vet. That would still be my recommendation. Your vet is the only one who can actually SEE your mare and give you a useful answer.

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