• It's not even legal around here. The kid has to be 18.
  • In England, no. It seems a bit unfair, but it depends why she's kicking the daughter out really.
  • That is abuse. No mother should kick their child out of the house no matter how old they are or what they've done. That's not a mother at all.
  • The age of majority in the US is 18, before then the "child" must try and be emancipated, which can only occur if they fit on of these: through marriage, pregnancy, economic self-sufficiency, educational degree/diploma, or military service. Emancipations are rarely granted, because of the narrowness of the definition of "best interest". On one end of the spectrum are minors who have been victims of abuse; in most cases, the state's department of child services is notified and the child is placed in foster care. On the other end of the spectrum are minors who are seeking emancipation for superficial reasons, such as not being pleased with their parent's/guardian's rules. In those cases, the emancipation will most likely be denied. If the child does not chose this option, and the parent asks them to remove themselves from the household, the child can seek government assistance.
  • It's probably illegal, but the end result of a prosecution is probably going to be transfer of the daughter (as well as any of her siblings) to child protective services. If there are no siblings, the mother has attained her wish of disposing of the daugher (I'm not going to judge why), but the daughter will have a place to stay.
  • As far as I know for the parent to legally 'kick them out' of the household (indefinitely) they need to be adults (in most countries that means they need to be 18 or above). Given that the child has 8 disabilities, I'd say it's more than abuse, it's absolutely disgusting : / Shame on that mother... Hardly even worthy of being called a mother, pah. The child does however have options available to her - she can apply for emancipation as detailed in 'Fun really does hate dupes' answer and given the circumstances I'm sure that help will be offered : )
  • I would say yes and that that is unwarranted.
  • It's not abuse... It's being a fucktard. Excuse my language, but you want them to be more responsible, but you kick them out. That's the stupidest thing ever, and the FARTHEST thing from showing you love them.
  • yeah i think it is.
  • Its against the law because the child is not yet a legal adult. Parents are legally responsible for the care of their child until they are 18.
  • definitely and i would turn her in to the police or at least call cps
  • No. Because today's teens if they don't get the latest iPhone they consider ot a disability

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