• A friend of mine has something like that- its just like an extra bit of pigment in the iris which makes a spot of a different colour. Or you slipped with your eyeliner...
  • If this dot recently appeared, you should contact an ophthalmologist.
  • Most likely it is a freckle on the iris. If it is large, recent, raised, or irregular, it should certainly be examined by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Its origin is the same as a freckle on your skin.
  • I have a black dot on both eyes, on the iris. I asked my ophthalmologist and he said that its nothing serious, but couldn't really explain what it is and how it got there. I know I didn't have it all my life, just noticed it about five years ago. People give me compliments on it all the time, so I pretty much see it as something beuatiful and unique, and unlike Cindy Crawford's infamous upper lip beauty mark, I've got two unusual ones right on my eyeballs!
  • I don't have any scientific explanations but it is not serious as far as I know. My grandmother got on and the doctor told her that it was nothing to worry about. But you should have your eyes checked annually anyway.
  • idk but around my pupil withing the iris i have atlest 20 small black spots surrounding the looking for answers too
  • you need to get your eyes checked if thats happening

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