• I'm usually predictable, but I'm up for doing something wild and crazy! What exactly did you have in mind? :P
  • Maybe before having my baby's I would do something crazy but now NO way I have 2 beautiful kids to look after.
  • Predictable, calm, benign, easy-going, laid-back, go-with-the-flow RosieG..that's me..not my nature to "throw caution to the wind"..too late to change now..I'm pretty much who I am ever going to reason to change! :)
  • i do stuff that is wild and crazy, i am not known for thinking before i speak or act!
  • I am inclined to do wild and crazy things , but, well planned and calculated. For example, If I get the urge to go skydiving or scuba diving ( A Night Time Dive), I'll do it, but, as safely as possible and I go strictly by the rules of safety and never compromise on them or cut any corners. My wife HATES the thought of me skydiving . Will I do it again ? ;-) I plead the fifth ! I am not really "Predictable". I like to do fun things on a whim. I have purchased plane tickets made hotel & car reservations , arranged house sitters, and surprized my wife with the trip , and flown out, all in the same day. Depends on what mood I wake up in on any given day.
  • nope I am a very predictable and boring person lol.
  • You can predict everything I do for the next year of my life. I will sit here on my ass and watch the tube, eat, and occasionally call my girlfriend to pick up my grocerys.
  • I tend to be fairly predictable, but I have my moments where I enjoy stretching myself and doing something seemingly "out of character" just to explore myself and the world.
  • I always leap before I look. It's gotten me into some pretty bad situations, but I am hard-headed and don't learn lessons easily. I am working on it though.
  • I did go sky diving and got a tattoo....things that I must say weren't on my agenda.
  • am very unpraditable haven`t even thought it through how am going to answer this question yet
  • I've been that way all my life and still am. I hate schedules, conformity and everything 'uniform' and predictable. Yecch.. that's suffocating!
  • No, i am very predictable.
  • I'm a "wild & crazy" kinda guy. Just the other day, the candy vendor put a new kind of candy bar in the machines and nobody would try them. Well, I just stepped right up there, bought one and eat it right in front of those wimps.

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