• Yes and yes.
  • I usually tend to change the channel. I don't mind watching people die (macabre enough to say) but I draw the line when I see organs lying strewn about and that is in the cheerful scenes.
  • I enjoy them. But I usually have to cover my eyes when there's metal coming in contact people's skin. Like on Hostel, when that kid got his Achilles tendon cut.
  • Eww no no no!
  • I haven't covered my eyes since The Exorcist. I'm kinda numb to all that gore now and I honestly just laugh @ it these days for the originality. I highly recommend 2001 Maniacs though.:-)
  • I prefer suspenseful to gory.
  • I love scary movies. They don't have to be gorey to be good, but I am not squeemish.
  • I probably regret not covering my eyes for a few nights, but I LOVE gory movies, but especially B-movies. "Jackhammer Massacre" was awesome, as well as "Dead Alive" "Evil Dead" and "Army of Darkness". I LOVE most Quentin Tarantino films. Zombie, Vampire, and weird kungfu flicks... Wow, I'm getting giddy! I've also seen "Faces of Death" and have been to Ogrish, but more out of curiosity/"can't look away if I tried" than sadism.
  • I don't watch gore or violence. I don't need the added 'realism' of body parts being severed or blood dripping everywhere. I am an adult and I know how horrible it can be. I don't want to dull my repulsion to it. I want to stay sensitive to the atrocities. I change the channel when things go in that direction. I don't watch war movies with gore and I don't watch sci-fi or horror films that just aim to frighten the viewer. Covering my eyes doesnt' work because I can still hear it.
  • Both. I really enjoy them but still occasionally cover my eyes (but don't stop enjoying them)
  • I cover my eyes!
  • i enjoy them. i think i've been desensitised by the film saw 3 though lol
  • Most gory movies lack in substance and aim for shock value. I don't like those much. It's rare when a film contains gore that actually enhances the viewing experience, unless you go and see a movie specifically searching for it.

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