• Both, it is very difficult to just lay in the sun in the UK.
  • I've used a tanning bed twice in my life. I used to hang out in the sun but now just get it when gardening. I'm sure my neighbors 'appreciate' me gardening in a bikini top and shorts. I wonder why they got thicker curtains? o.O
  • The old fashioned way - but I live in southern California. Probably get a different answer from someone in New Hampshire.
  • I've done the tanning beds a few times, but I thought that was silly paying for sunlight when I could get it for free. So now I just do it the old fashioned way. Bikini and a large towel outside.
  • I don't really lay out in the sun it's boring, I go fishing, and do other outdoor sports that give me all the sun I need
  • I don't like just laying out in the sun and I absolutely hate tanning beds. I really like to go to the beach and just swim. That's fun!
  • I do not expose myself to the sun on purpose. I am a red-head and I am pale. Don't want to give myself skin cancer. You could not pay me enough money to ever lie for a minute in a tanning bed.
  • I don't do either. I wear what I wear, sometimes not very much and work outside or take walks and if I get color, that's nice. I do tan very easily as I'm a bit on the dark side already. I'd never lie in a tanning bed. I'm a multi-tasker and that just seems too boring to me. I might read a book while lying in the sun for just a little while but I just won't lie down in the sun and broil. Don't have the time.
  • I like to float on a raft in the pool while reading a book.
  • The old fashion way!
  • I've never been on a tanning bed in my life, nor will I ever be.
  • Sunbathing? Sun? What is this word you speak of? I live in Seattle. We are all pale and happy about it. When you talk of this "sun" do you mean the glowing sky ball we see sometimes?
  • I try to avoid too much sun exposure. Prolonged sun exposure ages and wrinkles your skin and increases risk of skin cancer.
  • Skin cancer survivor chiming in.... I don't sunbathe. Won't do it ever again. Three surgeries in a 2 month period of time, stitches from August until November. Nope. I'll pass on the tanning beds AND use tons of sunscreen.
  • I don't lay out in the sun anymore, but I used too. Now, what sun I do get is from doing outdoor activiies, but I do use sunscreen.
  • Old fashion way, I don't do tanning beds. If on the other hand it's not a relaxing holiday and I don't get time to lie under the sun, I have found walking around in the heat gets you a tan!!!
  • Never been on a tanning bed. If a tan happens it happens. Maybe if I'm on vacation I'll lie there.
  • now i would say both, i love sunbathing out in the sun with a glass of white wine, but i really feel as thou im pampering myself using the beds i use the beds once or twice a week and i feel like its my little treat
  • I still go for the old-fashion way! Going to the beach or out in my yard. Here are a few tanning tips I dug.
  • if i do, i do it old fashioned with tanning oil. im too broke for a tanning salon
  • Under the sun, with plenty of sun lotion to prevent burning.
  • I quit sunbathing back in the '80's when I learned it caused skin cancer. I remember back then I lived in Florida and I'd lay out with my radio, my cool push button phone (with a really long cord) and a fan! lol I could cultivate a tan if I started a little at a time, but I burn easily. Now I use sunscreen any time I know I'm going to be out in the sun longer than 10 or 15 minutes, and I have to keep myself covered. I've never used a tanning bed. There is no such thing as a 'healthy tan'. Not only does it cause skin cancer, it also causes wrinkles.
  • I don't sunbathe or use a tanning bed, and no one else should either. Both rapidly age the skin and can cause cancer.

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