• I envy no one completely. I envy the glee of the young, the wisdom of the old, the bodies of athletes, the minds of Nobel winners, the opportunities of the rich, the accent of the Brits, the attitude of the Italians, the work ethic of my friend, and the dining opportunities of those in major metropolitan areas. However, there's no one I'd rather be.
  • I have never envied anyone in my entire life..I have admired many people for their different traits, characteristics, intellect, personality..but never envy. It seems to me it would be a negative feeling to have about anyone or anything and I try not to be involved in negative stuff..don't always succeed, but I try. :)
  • I envy people who don't worry about everything like I do...that kind of life must be so wonderful.
  • People with social lives. Gasp.
  • I don't really envy anyone. I however become very proud when people exceed in life. And even proud that show an honest effort.
  • I envy the b**ch that divorced me and her sister for doing way better than me even though I had to try a lot harder than them with still with no results.
  • People with children. I think we call them "parents" now! :)
  • People with their family about them. I do not begrudge them their happiness just would like to go back to being one of them.
  • That's because people are upset that they don't have it. I have an overly patriotic member from a certain city and ix fixated on a certain team that has been asking a lot of questions because it seems like this person is envious of me and has been posting petty comments to a few of my answers which is pretty sad. It is the reaction that many people have when they find out that they can't get what the other person has and deep down they want it so it could be born out of frustration.
  • I envy no one. I hope to be happy for them for their successes, abilities, looks, whatever those things are that cause envy.
  • No one; seeing others success inspires me. :-)
  • please delete
  • I envy people who don't get belly bloat from things other than overeating. I envy people who can drive. I envy people who have friends. I think you know why.
  • I envy G. Way from My Chemical Romance because he is WAY too talented! He can sing, write comics and draw! God, it's unfair!

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