• I assume it was the Indianapolis Zoo in White River State Park. Was it the baboons going at it? I avoid that area whenever I visit the zoo, for that very reason.
  • My sister tried to tell my daughter about sex when she was 8 but I had already explained (not in gross detail) about how you make babys so she already knew
  • I don't have kids. But one time, my friend and I went to a bug museum and I was rushing around finding all the camouflaged insects like the walking sticks and the leaf bugs. I found a cage with a couple of stick insects having a little roll-in-the-hay and pointed it out to my friend. We watched them go at it for a while, and thee times while we were there some child would ask its parent to find the hidden stick bug for it to see, and every time the parent would scan the cage, then they'd suddenly see the bugs and say to their kid "Oh! I don't think the stick bugs are there!" then draw the kid's attention to another display. So funny! to make matters worse, my friend started calling them the "Twig-And-Berries Bugs".
  • I am so glad we are not the only ones this happened too. The last time w e went to the Cleveland Zoo the giant tortises were making babies the hard way. Trust me, there's no easy way when you're a tortise. It took the poor guy a minute to do the hip thrust and she just sat there chewing her leaves. Now how's that for a comment on your performance? We had our sons who were six and one at the time. We just as calmly as we could without laughing explained to the 6 year old that the tortises were making babies. As soon as he and I walked away my fiance grabbed the video camera and made a tortise porno. The two girls standing next to him where mortified. Especially when the ineveitable comments started. "I'll bet tomarrow he's going to be bragging to all his buddies about how they were at it for hours. I'll bet he leaves out the part about why it took an hour." What was really sad was after that he forgot to turn the camera off when he put it in the bag and we missed getting the birth of the little baby monkey we were lucky enough to witness later. It was so cool. At first all you saw was this little hand and then the arm. Then POP a brand new life. Oh, Jay was hot about that one. He went off on a keeper about putting a monkey that far along out on display and with another monkey to boot. It took me a long time to calm him down.
  • That's pretty much how my sons started learning. I just took advantage of the situation to start telling them a little about it. Makes no sense to me to turn them away from it or make a joke about it.
  • I don't have kids or anything. However, one time while I was at the zoo about 2 years ago, 2 giant tortoises were having fun like that too. Which apparently is pretty unique. So it was even funnier. What's worse is they were making noises DX.
  • HAHA, yeah! We have a zoo pass and go at least every other week. My son has asked me some strange questions! I just tell him their playing and we should go see the bears.
  • don't go into detail, but just tell them that's how the baboons make babies. keep it simple and honest.
  • No, we explained everythign to him age appropriately long before anything like that happened.

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