• There's basically two approaches: re-conditioning or de-conditioning. Re-conditioning means replacing the habit with something else. De-conditioning is using awareness to interrupt the habitual behavior. Behavior which is thus interrupted reliably just fades... conditioning which isn't reinforced dies out, as those "pathways" get reused for other things! Simply "making a choice to change the behavior" isn't effective, because it doesn't deal with the conditioned/habitual nature of the behavior. Some kind of steady effort is required.
  • Making a decision to do something is very different to actually doing it. Lots of stuff can happen in between :) The effort to change direction and move away from established 'comfort' zones gets in the way of earlier resolve and weakens the energetic forces created in the decision to change. The balance of these forces determine the outcome... The thought you feed the most usually wins...
  • probably not that easy

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