• Check to see if the large positive battery cable has corrosion in the terminals at either end (battery and starter) My 2000 Chevy Astro had a similar problem several months ago and I discovered alot of corrosion. After I cleaned it, everything worked fine. I do not know how similar the connections would be but on my van the corrosion was hidden by the plastic hood that covered the positive battery connection.
  • It could be a lot of different things. Since the shop didn't find any thing I would suspect something electrical and a lose connection. Check and clean any electrical connections you can. If the starter is turning over, is it engaging and turning the engine? If not the bendex or drive gear are bad on the starter. If your check engine light is on, have someone with a code reader find out what error code there is. A lot of parts stores will check the codes for free, so they can sell you the part that is bad. If the engine is turning over, but not taking off, the fuel filter could be plugged. On my 95 the fuel filter is down on the frame about where the driver door is at. Just a few things I've done good luck.
  • chek ingintion switch & ingintion relay & fuel pump relay
  • first things to it getting fuel,is it getting good spark to the plugs,if yes then u need to get some one to ck.all the sensors and there are a few of them that won't let eng.start.O2,throttle,eng.timing,oil pressure,eng.temp.etc.u need the right tool for that.u might contact u'r dealership.
  • If the problem is, it cranks over but does not run. Check fuel pressure, must be correct pressure to start and to run. check specs. Also try cycling key 3 times, if it starts, replace fuel filter but your fuel pump could just be tired and will soon stop.

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