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  • It could just mean that he's a good friend and a really sweet guy.
  • chances he does, but to be on the safe side ask him,
  • If a guy insists that you are "just friends" don't try to make it more than that. It won't work.
  • It's hard saying! If he says you're just friends than he must m ean that but maybe he cares about you a lot!
  • sounds like a sweet guy that cares about you and what happens to you.may not be an interest (romantic) other than your well being. if you're interested just ask; however, be prepared for an unprecedented, let's just keep it as it is. don't push the issue.
  • that's called a friend.
  • Has he asked you out on a date, just the two of you?
  • He obviously cares about you, and he sounds like a nice guy. But if he says you're just friends, that's probably all he sees you as. He's being a good friend...
  • Well, what I'm thinking is that whether or not he likes you, you definitely like him. You've most likely got a borderline case in your hands here. It's hard to say anything based on written reference, because guys with the gestures of such a gentleman aren't that easily found, yet it's not really any evidence for the presumed feelings he may or may not have. If he's said that you're just friends, it strongly suggests that it's exactly how he feels about it. As it is in synch with his other behaviour being open and frank, you might be on the safe side with assuming that being friends is what he wants, without any ulterior motives. However, many guys do use "we're just friends" to gain access to an easier way to create a trusting bond between the two of you, before actually coming out with their real motives. In this situation, I would say that you should delicately hint him about you being interested. Be discrete and you will most likely find an answer to your question. And if you don't, you can always ask!
  • I would probably take him at his word.

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