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  • No, you have every reason to be upset! She shouldn't be sending him that crap, and he shouldn't be looking at it!
  • No you're not wrong to be upset. It's never "innocent" if he's looking at nude pics of his ex-girlfriend. Something is obviously on his mind.
  • I would ask to see them and when they were in my grubby little rip rip rip....all gone.
  • I think pics of the ex is way worse than looking at porn or anything with strangers since they are generally more fantasy driven while the ex could be more of a real thought process going on. I do not think you are wrong to be upset.
  • Be upset, be very upset! You should start thinking about getting out of that relationship before he completely stomps on your heart.
  • no! you arent wrong! I'd seriously question the relationship...he clearly still has some type of feeling for his ex.
  • You have every right to be upset, however I wouldn't jump at the first oportunity to get out of the relationship as some people have suggested. Obviously nobody here knows the exact circumstances, but it's probably better to talk and find out exactly why he was doing what he is doing instead of marking black and black and white as white from square one
  • No - just as the dead should bury the dead, the Ex should not add the S to it... He is displaying VERY disrespectful behaviour towards not only you, but hsi previous lady friend, Thats my honest opinion. However,
  • Innocent, my @ss. No, you have every right to be upset. Have a long talk with him and try to work it out. Something tells me he's not ready to take the next step with you. I really hope I'm wrong.
  • I would be very scared for my boyfriend if I ever caught him looking at naked pictures of his ex. You are not wrong to be upset at all. How is that possibly innocent? There is nothing innocent about staring at nudey pictures of someone you used to have a close relationship with. Innocent would be running into eachother at a store or party, and saying hello, not gawking at photos.
  • No you are not wrong to be upset at all - I would be regrouping my relationship with him - For me ' he'd be history ' see ya bye . Thats what I feel
  • There is nothing innocent about him looking at naked pictures of his ex. I am not a jealous person at all but I would be extremely upset about that. Im really sorry that happened to you.
  • sorry I don't see what the problem is it because its an ex? or is it because the ex is nude?.... everyone has pic's they look at from their past ...and some may contain pic's of their ex's ...its called 'memories'.. no to me this relationship doesn't sound that strong if its being shaken by 'memories' if I was you I wouldn't be to worried they are just pic's(nude or not) he may have just been sorting stuff and came(no pun) across them and you can't say that this has not happened to you at sometime that you came across something while you were looking for something else ....remember that you have him/her now , the person in the pic's had their chance and lost ... so if you don't want to end up the same way ..a memory... then I wouldn't make a capital case out of this ...and I would nip the worst emotion that a human can have in the bud and thats "jealousy"
  • you are no wong for being upset.. he is wrong to be looking at another girls body when he has you. yes a pic is memories but why does it have to be a pic where she is NUDe ... I would tear the pics up and burn them .. but that is only my opinion on the situation
  • You have every reason and right to be upset and I don't care who's in the pictures. If he's with you he shouldn't need naked pictures of other women at all. The fact that it's an ex is even more troubling. Having memories and memrobillia is one thing, but this goes above and beyond what is right and respectfull. This says to me he's not over her yet. If he was those things would have been given back to their rightfull owner, the ex, at the break up. You need to put your foot down and have him toss them. If he won't it's time to go.
  • Honestly I'd be mad too! Especially since they are of his EX! If it was a porn magazine or something I probably wouldn't care as much because I know that there is no history with them!
  • I would need to see those pictures to make an educated statement. But I would say that is not proper and is disrespectful to you.
  • you have every right to be upset.what he did is NOT the same as looking at porn which regular porn is innocent.he was looking at his ex-girlfriend which means he still thinks about her in a physical way and maybe even have to ask yourself if you really want to spend the rest of your life with a guy who still thinks about his ex's in a way that you feel uncomfortable with.if you think he's the one,then go for it because he probably is and this was just an "innocent" mistake as he claims.but otherwise,if you have any doubts,hold off and make sure he's only thinking about YOU in that physical and emotional set way.
  • Your wrong for not providing him with naked pictures of you.
  • He was wrong for: 1. Looking at them. 2. Still having them. 3. Breaking the trust of the ex. 4. Claiming innocence. I don't care that he is looking at naked or clothed pictures of his ex. He is thinking of his ex.
  • I just had this same situation happen to me. My fiance has an old phone that he hasn't used in a long time. He said he wanted to charge it up and see if there is any funny joke msgs. After two days of seeing him play with this old phone, I looked at it while he was at work. I found a lot of nude pics of his ex along with the pic taken by someone else of him proposing to her. Oh - by the way, he was using this phone for the first three months that we were together - nice to know that all of those pics were on there the whole time! : (
  • You are not wrong to be upset... Jeez, I'd be furious! He shouldn't be looking at pictures of his ex because that means he's still thinking about her. And if they're nude? That's a lot worse... You need to sit down with him and have a very long talk about this. Tell him how it makes you feel. If he cares, he'll listen.
  • Whaaaat??? Upset is putting it lightly. Don't let him get away with that. I would get away from that.
  • Innocent??!! Who is he trying to fool? You have every right to be upset (I can't think of a stronger word to use right now but if I could I would).
  • My fiance has tons of naked pictures on his phone and alot of them are just trades from guys that are porn or whatever but i have seen some of his "girl" friends and people he talks to to me this is not right , its disrespectful and if your just friends you shouldnt have naked pictures. I dont care about porn or models cause he will never talk to them, but girls that he talks to??? He just says its nothing its for trading I think its an insult and disrespectful i cant live with this!!
  • 0.0 i feel sorry for your fiance... you got an ace to go to now to win every arguement for the rest of your lives :).
  • get rid of him, fast.
  • of his X when he's with you.... ouch. That's harsh!! I'd be pissed!
  • OMG really!? Are you going to believe that? Fuck no your not wrong to be uspet my man even agrees that that is a huge red flag waving in your face. When my fiance and I got together he deleted all naked pictures of anyone he had on his computer. If he still has those and you guys are about to get married there's something wrong.
  • No, you're not. If he's doing this, it probably means that he misses his ex. He should be happy with you and not feel the need to look at old pictures. Did you let him know why it upset you? If you talk to him a second time and he still seems uncaring about your feelings, then you'll need to think about your next step. If you think that this incident would haunt you every time you're with him, you should break up with him. Incidents like this can really damage a person's ability to trust.
  • If you have not supplied him with alternative naked pictures of yourself to look at instead of his ex, then yes - you are wrong to be mad. Way wrong and way mad. He is simply sharing with you something that he has an interest in, and apparently that interest in looking at naked pictures of a girlfriend didn't go away just as easily as she did. If you want to step up and be the kind of girl that he wants to stay with, you need to grow some thicker skin (ha) and get busy posing nude or stripping on video for this man. Otherwise, save both of yourselves the embarrassment of time-wasting denial or further idiocy and break up now.
  • Depends how recent the photos are.

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