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  • definite possibility.
  • Not sure I understand the question, however, if you are asking if you should find out, the answer is an unequivocal "yes." If you are pregnant, you need proper doctor's visits to monitor the baby's health. If you are not pregnant, you will - from the sound of it - be relieved. No sense waiting as much as a month in a state of nervous tension when there is no need. Buy a pregnancy test and end the ambiguity. Either way, you being nervous about the idea of pregnancy will not change the facts either way. In any event, as the other respondent to this question, it is a definite possibility that you are pregnant. However, there is no way anyone on this site will be able to answer the question definitively. Only you can do that.
  • 1-16-2017 Either you are or you are not. Being nervous has nothing to do with it.
  • What do I think ? I think this question is irrelevant, because it is so old that if you were pregnant at the time ... you now have at least one 10 year old kid.

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