• If you can prove that she knows the things she has said were untrue, you might be able to sue her for slander.
  • I don't think you would be able to sue her but you might be able to request that this women have not contact with you son. Talk to your ex to try to work it out first and request that the action stops immeditely. If there is no cooperation then contact your lawyer.
  • It is called Slander and Defamation of Character. Which is illegal but you need proof otherwise it is a hear say, meaning he said she said situation.
  • You know sometimes I just hate women who are like that. SHE NEEDS TO SHUT HER FACE. Her as an adult should no better, obviously he doesnt have kids. You can not put a kid in the type of situation. Your ex needs to sit her aside regardless of his feelings for you you still have a child together and you were good enough to marry so it makes him just as guilty. She has some insucurities of her own that she needs to figure out, send that women my way I give her a piece of my mind. As a mother, if my kids dad's GF ever said anything about me to my child I WOULD HAVE WORDS WITH HIM and I am not affraid to say it because she doesnt know me, get what I am saying. She is getting all of her information from HIM
  • Cool, you found proof of this. I would bring it to her attention and tell her to grow up or you will press charges...she doesn't know what you will and will not do..
  • Do what I did ;-) tell your ex that is slander, defamation of character and statue of limitation is not up so you are going to think about what to do and it can also fall under emotional child abuse and perhaps a restraining order is in order and will be on her perminent record. Might even change things for his visitations. It works :-)
  • Constant lawyer-to-lawyer conflict is worse for the child than the bad things said are to you so I would refrain from anything. The child has to figure it all out for themselves eventually and is best to take the high road.
  • Depending on what specifically these "bad things" are, this can qualify as defamation of character. Defamation of character is what's referred to as a 'tort' or a civil wrong as opposed to criminal. It can be taken to a civil court pending that 4 basic criteria are met: The allegation(s) need(s) to: be illustratively and objectively false, verifiably made in the presence of a public third party, illustratively been intended to tarnish the target's reputation as a business entity or individual and be unprivileged by law. Defamation cases are complex and difficult to manage because they conflict heavily with the first amendment right to free speech. It's advisable that the target is able to present evidence that he or she requested a retraction and was refused. This will make the strongest case. Here is more information: Please first ask yourself, is it really worth civil court or even petitioning to remove custody or visitation from the ex-spouse? Because opening a civil case will put a lot of stress on the child which could ruin their relationship with either parent just as the allegations could and compromise their psychological well-being.

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