• I was 5 years old going on 6... I have a picture of the first fish I caught... but you can barely see it... I had to throw it back becaue it was the tiniest fish that ever
  • I was around 30 and it was fun but I used fake bait because I refused to use worms. I caught a couple small ones. I am not a morning person so I didn't like having to get up so early. the fish are still hungry around noon aren't they ??? :))
  • I don't remember how old I was or if I caught anything. My dad was a avid fisherman so I was very young. I took my kids fishing for the first time this summer. My 6 yr old daughter did not have any luck her first time out, but my 4 year old son caught a 29" Flathead catfish for his first fish. He needed help reeling it in and refused to even go near it once we got it on the boat, but he was so proud of himself. lol
  • I think I was around age 4 or 5. I had a plastic Mickey Mouse fishing pole. We were fishing in an inlet off Lake Erie and I kept throwing my line towards the rocks and broke my bobber! I have NEVER caught anything while fishing. (Once I had a crawfish climb on a stick I was poking in the water but, I don't think that counts as "catching" anything!)
  • 5 years old and we were at Lake Harmony Pa. I did catch a sunfish with a safety pin and a line.
  • I was 5, and yes, I caught a few snappers.
  • I was married before I ever learned. My husband took me to the harbor and we fished off the pier and then we tried at a pond behind our house. It was great fun! Later we started fishing on backpacking trips. There is nothing prettier than a golden trout in the Sierras:-)
  • I was about 4 and all I caught was crawfish which fell off the hook about 2 inches above the water. Which was a good thing because I was terrified of them. I have always loved to fish...very relaxing.
  • I have a picture of me at age two. I am not really into "fishing" but I love to go! I did catch a really big one when I was around eight, I found out later my dad had put it on my pole when I was up at the camp store. ;)
  • About 10. Yes, I caught some "sunfish" and couldn't wait to throw them back. I felt sorry for them with a hook in their mouth and not being able to breathe. Also, could not hook a worm...eww poor things. Fishing..not for me.
  • About 13, and no.
  • Had to answer this one... I think I was 6 and I remember on the Jersey shore catching horshoe crabs and in the ocean helping catch a puffer fish.
  • i been fishin since i could lift a first real fishin trip out with my pops was when i was prolly ten or so and i caught three walleye and my dad caught two and we ate'm that night...awesome memory
  • I first went fishing when I was around the age of 7. I actually managed to catch a bluefish (with some help from my Dad's friend)
  • I caught a 15" carp with one of those bamboo fishing thingys. I think I was 10 years old. Maybe older. I was with my grandfather. RIP.
  • I have been fishing only once in my life, when I was thirteen. I went camping with a friend's family. It was great! I caught a few trout. That was soooooo long ago.
  • I think i was like 7ish, but honestly don't remember. Yaah I caught a decent sized fish.
  • I was about 8 years old. My mom was the fisher in our family. She caught a bunch of white perch for dinner. I only caught one small one that needed to be put back.
  • I went fishing for the first time when I was about twelve, and maybe have a chance once a year now.
  • I was about 6 years old abnd always went up to this one pond. At that time pretty much all I caught was seaweed but it was still fun.
  • My dad loved fishing and loved taking us fishing. I had 2 older brothers, so I was probably 5 or 6 when I got to go with them. Then little brother and sis got to go at about that same age. :) Thanks for the memories!
  • 13 i caught one fish it was fun but i never went fishing again cause my parents aren't into that. i fished with a stranger
  • I cannot remember if I caught anything and I am not sure of the exact age.. maybe 6 or 7? I have been fishing ever since is all I know. I love to go fishing.
  • Haha I think it was about 2 years ago, so I would have been 20. I caught a big ol' northern pike and a couple of bullheads. One time when I was like 7 my great aunt gave my little sister and me pieces of fishing line that we stuck in a lake, but we didn't have hooks or bait or poles so I don't think that counted as fishing lol!

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