• not according to gay bears
  • It's probably considered very perverse. But I'm sure there are tons of "furries" out there who call themselves Christians.
  • I think most people would confuse it with bestiality, which is (and to many counts as animal cruelty, even if they have a "relationship" with the animal).
  • No, there are lot's of "Christian Furry". There seems to be this confusion that being a furry means you have to be doing something particular. That's not true yoYu don't have to have a fursuit, you don't have to run around yiffing, you don't really have to do anything beyond having an appreciation for furry art maybe not even that. Being furry is what ever you want it to be. You set your own limits the fandom does not.
  • No I dont think there is anything in the Bible about people renting stinky old costumes and screwing in them before returning them to the costume shop slighty musty and a bit too used... Its deffinately not cool, but a sin... No! but beastiality is...
  • If you're a Mexican Hairless terrier? ;-)
  • well all i know is you can never be right when challenging the bible of any religon thats why i just gave it all up in the first place
  • Good grief! Some of the questions asked on here! Tisk! Why on earth would being furry be a sin???
  • not if you keep the fur trimmed.
  • Only if you worship the fur.
  • My cat doesn't think so and he's smothered in the stuff.
  • It's a sin even if you don't believe in sin.
  • The second you entertain the idea as more than just a hobby, it is. If you EVER believe that you are, in any way, a furry, you are saying that you are no longer human. Last time I checked, Jesus died for all of mankind, not furkind. I'm not suggesting that pursuing "furryness" is a way to lose salvation, but having been recently convicted myself of how far I took my own dragon furry, I realize that it was egotistic and not a part of who I really was. To address answer 8, I felt the same way. I believed that I could be both my dragon and my human self. But by letting the dragon take control of me, I let myself become lost to my humanity. You are either human, or you are not. There is no middle ground, and believe me when I said I was hurt to find this out. If being furry was christian (in the sense that you entertain the idea more than just being a hobby) then Christians themselves would not generally be so opposed to the idea. This just is not the case. Luke 16:13 says "No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money." Though the focus with this verse was with money, replace money with anything else, and it still holds true. Is it OK to look and appreciate clean anthro art? Absolutely. Is it OK to play out your furry? Yes, but only if you keep it down to the level of a hobby and nothing more. Never let your furry be you, and never let yourself become your furry. I want to make it clear though that I am not focusing on the yiffy side of the fandom, I am looking at the idea as a whole.
  • What? Show me that in the Bible.
  • herchute?? depends, on a woman yes ,men i dont know, some women like it and some dont
  • in public it's against the law ... it happened here ....police are still "combing" the area " . lol ;-)
  • No, it's the "Mark of Cain". ;-)
  • No it makes you a fuzzy angel like my kitties.
  • aww no. there is nothing wrong with being lovely and cuddly

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