• Most state officers do not require a violation to have occurred, in order to ask for your drivers license. Having a drivers license is a privilege, not a right. Each state administers the issuance of drivers license and each state can take them away. Yes, you are required to show your license, if asked.
  • In every state you are required to show your drivers license if requested by a peace officer so long as the officer has reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed. This was the holding in a 2004 Supreme Court case (Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial District Court of Nevada). Other than Hiibel, you also have to show you license if requested whenever you are operating a motor vehicle (note: this is a California law, but other states probably have a similar law).
  • NO! Not unless you are driving a motor vehicle. Don't be fooled by these sheep who do whatever they're told too because the police said so. Being a good citizen doesn't mean being bossed around by someone with a badge. There are a lot of good cops who do their job very well, but sadly there are a lot of bad cops who bend the laws or trick you into breaking the law. A good citizen is someone who knows the laws and follows them. The truth is this is a very gray area of the law. There currently is NO stop and identify laws in California at the state level. However, your city/town/etc might have a local law. If you are stopped by a police officer, simply ask if you can go. You DO NOT have to answer any questions. If he says you can't go, then you are being detained (not arrested, however that can come later). You can ask why you're being detained, however they can lie. At lot of people think that the police must tell the truth however that is not true. Just call your local police department and ask about the laws in your town, most of the time they'll be honest and open with you.
  • I believe, since the passing of the Patriot Act, you are required to have an ID or license on you at all times and do have to show upon request. If you do not have your ID or refuse to comply they can hold you for up to 24 hrs for identification purposes to make sure that you are not a terrorist.
  • Yes, but he is only allowed to request it if you have commited a crime or are susupected of doing so. I believe you have to show your ID when asked in every 50 state, if they just want to see who you are adn you haven't committed a crime why is everyone so worried?! It's not like they are asking to search your or have you provide your DNA. I don't get it, just show them and chances are if you are innocent they will leave you alone, if you argue you will continue to look suspicious...
  • If you are driving and stopped by the police, California law says you must present your license to a peace officer upon request. If you are not driving, then the 4th amendment prohibition against unreasonable searches ans seizure is applicable. However, the Supreme Court held a few years ago that it is reasonable for an officer to be able to request ID if he is doing an investigation, and if you don't provide it you can be detained for long enough for the officer to identify you. On the other hand, if a cop asks for ID for no reason, you do not have to show ID under the 4th Amendment.
  • Does that include showing our social security card if a police officer requests it in California? Recently a Latina woman was asked to show her driver's license and social security card. Shouldnt it be enough that we know our driver's license number and our social security number?
  • V.C. 12951.(b) The driver of a motor vehicle shall present his or her license for examination upon demand of a peace officer enforcing the provisions of this code. A police officer can only demand a license when enforcing the provisions of the Vehicle Code. It is funny how people quote law with out CODE or relevant case law. This is done because they do not know what they are talking about. If You are in Nevada this dose not apply.

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