• the art work in my home is almost all originals..but they are by local artists or artists whose names would mean little to you.
  • I just moved and I don't have any artwork. I was looking into getting some. This is what I was looking at so far. I love vintage travel posters!
  • well its a bit like this one except cream coloured. this isnt my own picture but its the nearest i could find. i have 3 in my bedroom. i dont have any art work anywhere else the rest are just family pictures etc i dont know who they are by because its not an expensive piece just the ones you can by cheap lol
  • I sold alot of art when I moved, but I kept the ones I did, (of course!), and a Salvadore Dali print I've had for about 25 years. That's all I have left.
  • Most of the artwork in my home is by me. This is a terrible photo of one over my fireplace but I never name anything I do.
  • I have several Salvador Dali prints in my living room and dining room. Here are some on the ones I have. Dali is my favourite artist. It took forever to find a couple of these online! lol.
  • I have a series of prints by John Albert Landry. Here is one of them.

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