• I think so, he is also incredibly funny.
  • Yes Scooter anyone who would shovel manure must be the hardest working Man there is. Oh how I love that man of mine.
  • Scooter, I did a search for Dirty Jobs and found your question. YES. That guy is amazing. Just some of the 'elements' he works in are enough to turn me off, much less the gore and goo he comes in contact with. Mike Rowe is a true Man's man. Hat's off to him! I admire the hell out of him and hope my wife never tries to compare us, cause I like look like a WIMP next to him, lol. ;-)
  • He is truly a man's man. I'm pretty sure he has been involved in many TV projects for years now. He has obviously done and does voice ovesr all of the time, but he seems very familiar aside from Dirty Jobs. Does anyone happen to know his career history?
  • The smelliest man on TV, I'll give you that. Those jobs are horrible. He deserves the commercial cash.
  • Yeah. He crushes Seacrest.
  • It would seem so... (I like him - he's who I'd LIKE to be - Good looking, great voice, etc. ;-) ) He also co-produces some of the DJ episodes (and crews some), and came up with the original concept; has hosted, announced and narrated even MORE than you list (see ), and "He also hosted Worst Case Scenario for TBS, On-Air TV for American Airlines, The Most for The History Channel, No Relation for Fox and New York Expeditions for PBS. In San Francisco, Mike is best known for his work on CBS as the host of Evening Magazine, a position he held from 2002 to 2005. Along the way, he has narrated over 1,000 hours of television and has performed dozens of theatrical productions." (from )
  • He is an inspiration to us all. He rocks solid in my book!

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