• The same thing happened to me after i dropped my phone in a cup of tea. I went through the software menus to disable it but as you probally know there is no "car kit" setting. I fixed mine by shoving my charger in and jiggling it around a bit. I read somewhere that someone used a fork but the charger worked fine for me. Sorry, kind of a weird solution hope it works for you.
  • LG keeps changing their menus systems and making them worse. I have LG for 6 years now. The Car Kit mode comes with any SLIGHT moisture or humidity to the phone. Even if the day is raining and the phone is outdoors but out of the rain, the moisture can cause the phone to go into Car Kit mode. LG sucks with this since it does not have an option to get out of that mode. Two methods work to get out of car kit mode: 1. reset the phone to defaut by going into phone security settings after entering your password (usually your last 4 numbers of your phone number) or 2. stick some flat metal in the phone pins on the right side looking directly into the pins that charge the phone. I used a girls baret clip to do it. The phone immediately goes out of car kit mode. Make sure you are indoors out of the moisture area (low humidity area). Hope that helps. LG needs to quit changing their phone menus and setting so much. It's very frustrating.
  • Yay! It works! We used a nail file on a nail clipper and wiggled it for 30 seconds. Thanks to everyone for all of the help! I am so relieved to have my phone back! APC P.S. Don't answer calls in the shower, no matter how important the call is or how careful you are. :)
  • This happened to me when i spilled some water on it. So blow dried it (not to close though) and it went away.
  • Tried both and the Hairdryer worked best ..... Now how long will it last?
  • ok,honestly at first I was skeptical but,then I figured what the hell. I poked a knife into to charger slot and it worked like a charm..thankyou all the suggestions.

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