• I'm not sure what "inflatable" means. I have a hanging bag (about 4' long)... when I got it, it was rock hard to punch and kick (ok to punch if you're wearing gloves, but severely painful to kick), so I unzipped the top, pried out the jet-injected stuffing, stuffed about 2/3 of it back in, and it was good for a while, until the bottom half got too hard to kick again and and top was unsatisfyingly yielding. I have an old cheapo comforter that I'm going to put in the bottom 1/2, whenever I get around to it - it shouldn't smush down too much. Free-standing ones are ok, but the one at my Tae Kwon Do school tended to slide on the floor when kicked, you couldn't raise the "bag" part enough for me to do high kicks (I'm 6'4"), and their first one cracked where the "stem"-like part that the bag goes on comes out of the base. They got another one that had an armless torso of a bad guy instead of a bag, which is a little more fun to hit and chop.
  • I have never tried the inflatable type. do not like the free standing ones, just doesn't work well for kicking at all. I currently have two hanging bags which i have had for about 5 years. one is filled with very firm foam and the other sand. I enjoy both.
  • Well, a free standing one is always the best I think. A hanging one is great (my friends got one), and an inflatable one doesn't sound that good. I think you will need a strong ceiling for a hanging bag as these bags are heavy, and you cant move it about. Also, hanging ones swing about and every so often you have to stop and keep it still. So, I think a free standing one is better, but only if its a quality one
  • just get one that wont punch you back

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