• Upwards of 100 wars actually fought. Most won but a few lost. Also alot of these were civil wars and alot were simply battles in a long long war with the french, but as it was one or two battles in the space of 5 years it countered it as a war. See for more details.
  • Britain have never won a credible war in its history by it's self, with the exception of the faulklands war which was close. The rest they have needed outside help (which still goes on today) Those other wars were against poor nations while building the empire and were no real challenge to the british. Any real enemy they have faced they have always relied on their allies to win.
  • Britan have been in 85 wars since 1066 and have won 63 of them , hope that helps, sam x
  • How can anyone tell? Is world War 1 deemed one battle? there were hundreds of battles fought in both world wars. As for the answer of" they always needed help", read up on your history. Britain used to fight wars against the French and Spanish with little or no help. Today that would be like taking on USA and Russia and winning more often than not. Which is what we did. I think americans need to realise they would not be the nation they are today if it hadnt been for the french turning up to help beat the british. So jump off the All singing and dancing american bandwagon and realise that you too, today, could not win a war single handedly. Oh and btw, i was in Iraq in 2003 when we went in and Americans couldnt take a village of Umm Qasr, they asked for British Marines to take it. Enough said. We all need help from each other, throughout history, to present day. Thats why we make allies.

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