• I would think that the hardest part about being a teen, is peer preassure. The constant worrying about their looks, clothes and possessions that other kids have. I am sure they also worry about their relationships do they have enough friends, do they have a boyfriend/girlfriend. And finally they worry if they are measuring up to their parents expectations.So I would say the hardest part of being a teen is the contant worrying about how well they fit in, how well they socialize and how well they get along with their parents.
  • i would think the hardest thing is Drama. We have too much in our lives.
  • I worked with Teens for years, I mentored teens who were born with opiate addictions, teen girls who cut themselves, bi-polar kids, schitzophenic kids, and more... The hardest thing I ever saw was teenagers wanting to be independant and having so many boundries. 13-18 is the hardest age range because you believe that you're ready to be on your own, make your own rules, but it doesn't happen like that.
  • Being in love with somebody that doesn't like you.
  • In the words of Lewis Black, "People say that today is the worst time to be a kid, and they're wrong. EVERY time is the worst time to be a kid, because adults never know SHIT!" I hope this answers your question.
  • Hormones! Just as it has always been!
  • Fitting in - that was it for me, i think it's still the same
  • Being taken seriously. We're caught in crossroads. No one (well few, and more people in real life take us less seriously than they do online I've noticed for some reason) views us as an adult but we aren't children either. Where do we fit? For me I can't wait to be an adult. I act like it and look forward to the responsibilities. Yes even paying bills so long as I can budget isn't horrible thought because it makes me think I can feel like I was able to accomplish something and provide for myself. But beyond that all the other ups about being an adult will be nice too.
  • ...being accepted, accepting people, accepting yourself, school...
  • peer pressure! *commit crimes *violence *sex *drugs *alcohol

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