• I live in Florida and Jacksonville has everything however the weather is too hot. If you work you must work inside or you fry and the humidity is HIGH. I am a Building Engineer and usually work inside but I just relocated to Monticello FL about 20 miles east of Tallahassee. I am thinking on packing it all in and doing some traveling. I just sold my home so I want to have some independant fun. I would not look to Florida unless you are a college graduate because they still have a lot of $6. hour jobs that some people actually work, I dont know how someone could survive!
  • I live in Rancho Cucamonga California, the weather is nice, it gets hot quite a bit but its still nice. Plenty of jobs and the housing is plenty, they are building new homes all the time. It looks beautiful, and id recommend to anyone who has a bit of money in their pockets to try it out here :). Its a growing city, one of the fastest growing in the nation.
  • Climate is the way I like it, we enjoy all four seasons. Job market is weak. Housing prices have just about doubled in the last few years, doesn't bother me other than my real estate taxes have increased every year. We pay the highest state gasoline taxes. We pay taxes on just about everything. If I lose my job, I would strongly consider moving away. It's way too expensive to live here. Too close to New York, so everything is expensive. People seem friendlier in other parts of the country that I have visited. School system in my town is excellent. Not much entertainemnt, you really need to seek it out. I would only recommend it to someone with a high paying job
  • Like everything about it except the traffic and congestion. Too many cars and people in too small an area. Too desirable an area.
  • Like: least I have an internet connection. Dislike: Climate. Jobs. Housing. Public transportation. The neighbors. Obesity epidemic. Lack of care for disabled. Unemployment rate. Increasing homeless. Too much breeding. Move here, if you have no more options.
  • I live in a little town in Wisconsin. There isn't many jobs around here, so most people get a job and stick to it. I hate the winters here...they get so cold. But in summer it's nice. I live two blocks away from the Mississippi River, so we go boating and fishing a lot. FUN FUN! It is very beautiful here. Lots of hills. Very pretty. I don't think I'd recommend it since I know what really goes on in this town behind closed doors.
  • Climate, Jobs, housing all suck. The beaches are ok. I have lots of friends here, but I don't think I'd recommend it to anyone!!!
  • I have lived in Tennessee my whole life, and I don't like most of the people, or the constant stereotypes. I hate leaving the state and getting bombarded with questions like "omg do you know [insert name of overly-hyped Country music star here]????". I don't have an accent, I don't like Country music, and it's just as hard for me to contact celebrities as it is for everyone else. What I do like... Hmm, at least I'm not on the coast? No offense to anyone that is... It's just a personal preference.

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