• well you could try to find out you won't learn anything in this world if you don't discover it by trying it try it it might work ps it might turn out to be delicous you have nothing to loose
  • Yes, you can, BUT, it is always better to make muffins from scratch. If you need a simple, yet delicious recipe, let me know.
  • Yes you can , though they do have muffin mixes as well , Blueberry , strawberry and a bunch more
  • You can make cupcakes with cake mix. Then it's like having little cakes. You can even slice the cupcakes into layers and frost each one like a big cake. I wouldn't use a cake mix to make muffins, though because the batter is different and simpler than cakes. Plus the batter for muffins should be very gently mixed, even with a few lumps left in. Cake batter usually mixed more. What kind of muffins are you interested in?

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