• Your question suggests you are very much a beginner. Nothing wrong with that! Several questions ... first: • Is this a hobby right now? Have you been filming? With what? And what? • What experience have you had in ANY kind of performance directing, let alone film? * What technical knowledge do you have to accomplish your goal? * What knowledge do you concretely have 'under your belt,' or are receiving to support this vision of yours? * What does 'near future' mean to you? And, what does this mean REALISTICALLY? Do you have a goal or project or deadline or or or or or ... Answer these and whatever else comes to mind and I'll come back to you ...
  • Robert rodriguez wrote a book called. "Rebel without a crew:Or how a 23-year old filmmaker with $7,000 became a hollywood player".You can get it a most book store's.I guarantee it will answer your questions.

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