• Keeping in mind that all stats can be manipulated the following is only an indication of "average". The "average" American has his or her first drink around age 14. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, almost 80% of high school students have tried alcohol. “Average” drinker Men – More than 3 drinks or up to 14 drinks per week Women – More than 3 drinks or up to 7 drinks per week. Heavy drinker Men – More than 14 drinks per week on average, or more than 2 per day. Women – More than 7 drinks per week, on average more than 1 a day.
  • Not as much as us Brits. I Have about 8 pints a day.
  • Make a consensus from the answer.
  • God knows!
  • some people drink too many, i dont drink
  • "...the top 10 percent of drinkers account for well over half of the alcohol consumed in any given year. On the other hand, people in the bottom three deciles don't drink at all, and even the median consumption among those who do drink is just three beverages per week."

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