• I have one promblem when i am shopping my feet are very tiny so no nice shoes come in my size i mean i am only 13 so i have time to grow but everyone elses feet are 6s and 7s and i am 3s and 4s and maybe some 5s and no beand name shoes come in my size there either to long or to wide it Sux
  • I don't think it is the designers. I think it is the buyers for the stores. They want to sell a lot and so they target the group that they believe will get them the most bang for their buck. This magical person is about a size 4, and 17 years old. The farther you are from this point, the more trouble you will have finding clothing, or anything that this magical person might want or need. I learned to sew because I was never a size 4 and got tired of never finding cute and stylish clothes in my size.
  • Im tall as well and have a terrible time finding pants that fit. I also have a small waist so it makes it even harder. I dont get it, its like they automaticly assume if you have long legs you must have a massive waist as well. I wear sports pants because I can get the legth and most of them have an elastic waist and a drawstring so they fit better than regular pants.
  • I'm 5'2 so every pair of jeans I've ever bought have atleast a half inch too long, no tank top has ever fit me because my shoulders are narrow since I'm small, and bras are a nightmare to find :)
  • My height is dead center in between petite and normal clothes. Petite is always too short, I look like I am wearing highwaters. Normal is too long, everything has to be hemmed (I do not sew well) or looks baggy around the ankles. My chest is a size larger than my hips. I can never find a dress that fits both places.
  • As a guy, I can't find clothes long enough for me, without being HUGE and hanging like limp rags! Big and tall doesn't mean big and/or tall. I'm 6'2" 200 lbs with a 38" actual inseam. (yeah, I'm ALL leg)

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