• Why would you want to put your wife/husband through any more and what kind of inappropriate behavior on the Internet ? And learning that your behavior is just a excuse will help you move on with your own life and not to drag others down with your excuses
  • I had similar situation with loss of mother and slowing work load. That along with the high stress of three children at home lead to depression for me. While it did not result in inappropriate behavior or impending divorce, my marriage and life were definitely adversely affected. Unfortunately I can't suggest to you how to get a second chance without knowing you, your wife, or your specific situation, but I can tell you that with help things can get better. It is good that you are getting help. Generally, I would say don't push it with your wife. I would ask for a delay in any finalization, but you need to concentrate on yourself. I would say get yourself better and hope your wife still loves you and can see your improvement. Good luck and don’t hesitate to ask more specific questions if you need more help or support.
  • Quit making excuses and take charge of your life.
  • Basically you cant. It takes 2 people to be in agreement to call off a divorce. If one wants the divorce, you cannot force them to stop and make them try again. I would suggest you get into counseling and stay there and show solid effort because that may have a big impact on visitation if your child is under age 18.

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