• They are not, except by those who fail to understand the geography. The mistake is largely because of their relationship to the religeon of Islam. Many people falsely think Muslim and arab are synonyms.
  • i think because many people think about the word africa as the color black not as aregion
  • Egyptians know that they are in the continent of Africa and that they are Africans. Some Egyptians are much darker skinned than African Americans and even some West Africans and that is a fact if you have traveled extensively in Egypt you will see. Egyptians sometimes do not at all consider themselves as Arabs and that is more prevalent among the Christians or Jews of Egypt. However, in Islam the one who speaks Arabic is considered to be an Arab. Somalis are in the Arab league and so are Moroccans while Ethiopians are not in the Arab league. Ethiopians do not speak Arabic but then again neither do Somalis most of the time but both countries are so close. Moroccans call themselves Africans while most North Africans and East Africans who maybe ethnic Arabs do consider themselves as Africans. Arab language, culture and blood is definitely in the Egyptian people, some are also Nubians who are not Arabs but Africans that exist in both Egypt and Sudan and thought they may speak Arabic they do not consider themselves as Arabs and they speak their own language too. I think that the situation is that Egyptians are very proud people and they know that Egypt(though is not the original name of that area)they are part of the most ancient peoples in Africa and on Earth in general and they want to be especially recognized for that and the reputation of Ancient Egypt.
  • The ancient Egyptians were african of course, after the Romans and other civilizations blended the society changed. Historians just don't want to acknowledge the fact that this great civilization was indeed African.
  • "Historically, Egyptians have considered themselves as distinct from 'Arabs' and even at present rarely do they make that identification in casual contexts; il-'arab [the Arabs] as used by Egyptians refers mainly to the inhabitants of the Gulf states... Egypt has been both a leader of pan-Arabism and a site of intense resentment towards that ideology. Egyptians had to be made, often forcefully, into "Arabs" [during the Nasser era] because they did not historically identify themselves as such. Egypt was self-consciously a nation not only before pan-Arabism but also before becoming a colony of the British Empire. Its territorial continuity since ancient times, its unique history as exemplified in its pharaonic past and later on its Coptic language and culture, had already made Egypt into a nation for centuries. Egyptians saw themselves, their history, culture and language as specifically Egyptian and not "Arab."" Source and further information:
  • Egypt's Arab identity is complex, and Egypt was a coherent society long before the Arab invasions of the 7th century. However, after several hundred years, Egyptians converted to Islam en masse, around the time of the earliest Crusades. Religious conversion is a mysterious process and theories of repression or force are unsubstantiated by history or any documentary evidence. Slowly, but inexorably, because of the country's conversion to Islam, Egyptians discarded the local Coptic language and embraced Arabic, so that Coptic ceased to be a popularly spoken language by the 17th century at the latest. For 14 centuries, Arabs have been migrating to Egypt and mixing with the local population, but it is not true that the Arab migrations replaced the original Egyptian society, because Egypt has always been the most populous country in the Middle East and so modern Egyptians are more or less ancient Egyptians who converted to Islam and adopted the Arabic language. It is not true that Egypt's original population was similar to sub-Saharan Africa, because that is obvious from most of the tomb painting and other artifacts, although some Egyptians have always been black, the majority of Egyptians in ancient times were neither black nor white. Having said that, Egypt is the center of the Arab world and is by far the most populous Arab country. There is no question that Egypt's culture is a local variant of a wider Arabic culture, and in fact, Egypt has produced more texts in the Arabic language than any other country in the world. Black nationalists have no idea what they are talking about, because they view Egypt's history through the lens of race relations in the United States, or through the lens of the West African struggle against imperialism which is only symbolically linked to Egypt's own struggle for self-determination. Egyptians self-identify strongly with Arabic culture and there would have been no world-wide revival of the Arabic language in the 20th century without the massive contribution of Egyptian teachers who taught Algerians the Arabic language, after that country had emerged from 132 years of brutal French attempts to extinguish Algeria's religious and linguistic heritage. The same is true of the Gulf countries, because in the 1950s and 1960s, Gamal Abd il Nasser, the former President of Egypt sent out thousand so of Egyptian teachers to Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries and other Arab states to teach these populations how to read and write Arabic. Hence, Egypt is very much a Muslim country that is also an Arab country, although it has a sizable Christian population that is about 5.6% of the total population, and who also speak Arabic.
  • because 85% of the population is Arab Muslim but of course they will not admit they are intruders so they decided to fake the truth and tell that Egypt is an Arab country!! Egypt is Egyptian and not Arab while Saudi Arabia is Arab.
  • Modern Egyptians are considered to be Arabs and speak their own particular dialect of Arabic. They are Africans since they are residents of a country of Africa of course.
  • Hello guys,well actually Egypt is related to the arab world during the our ex president Nasser who wanted to rule all the arab countries. Egyptians are not arabs,even our language is different,its a mixture beside ofcourse the coptic language which is still preserved in the churchs of Egypt. Egyptians are Egyptians and this is obvious if you go back to history book,Greece was invaded by Turks,will you consider Greek Turks? Canada,United states and UK speak english ,are they all English? Guys Egypt is Egypt,we are different and who tells you otherwise is uneducated and ignorant,its the Egyptian government to be blamed of this and Nasser ofcourse.
  • Egyptians are considered to be Arabs because of their ethnic identity. For example - they speak arabic and the majority (90%) follow a religion from the arab peninsula (Islam). But also because they percieve themselves as racially from the Middle East rather than being descendents of AFricans. ie Egypt historically was a part of the mediteranean civilisations / people movements etc.
  • You are wrong. My best friend is Egyptian and he says that he is considered to be "White African"
  • egypt is in africa but the are arabs as well as morocco and sudan and they all talk one language which is arabic
  • I think we are all victims of race prejudice. Africa is a black continent just like the America's produced red people and East Asia produced yellow and the European peninsula produces white and so on. The real reason we have a hard time accepting Egypt to be an ancient black nation is because for 400 years whites--with the help of arabs-- stole blacks from all over Africa, not just the western coasts, and used them for slave labor in the Americas, Caribbean and even inside African itself. White destroyed artifacts, literature and monuments that credited blacks for their acheivements. They had to get rid of all these things to justify what they did-- and are still doing-- to blacks. I know this is probably a hard pill to swallow, but its true. It's evident in the self-hatred all black people (egyptians) and other minority groups face. And for the comment about black nationalist having it all wrong to claim egypt I think is pure crap! If white people can claim greece and rome as their starting point for religion, culture and the arts, then why can't black people claim EGYPT?! Again, it's the system trying to discredit black people for what they have done. In truth, black people, chinese, indians, mexicans all other groups know and understand the truth about their history and culture; it's WHITE PEOPLE who have the problem and start changing everything to fit how they believe things should be! Just look at all of history. Before those first portugese sailors left europe, Africa had great empires: wolof, ashanti, funali, mandinka and so forth in the west but you don't hear about these things. Whites tell lies to make themselve look good and make everyone else look bad. Has no one ever asked the question as to, "why do we only see whites inventing and creating and discovering? Don't other groups get curious about some stuff?" The answer is YES!! the sad part is that you have to do some serious research and preferably books and articles not written by whites to find out the TRUTH. In short, the pyramid builders, pharaohs, sun-god worshippers, geniuses who told folklore and set the stage for modern artichecture, art, literature and so on, were not the Arabinized egyptian, islam worshipping, gyro eating, hijab wearing egytians that we read about in history class. They are the new arrivals--and yes, 1400 years is pretty recent compared to millineas of existence on earth-- to egypt just like in America: whites, blacks, chineses and so on are not the aztecs, incas or mayans. Why then would be conclude that an arab-speaking, islam worshipping, light-skinned non-african looking egyptian would be the same egyptian centuries ago? Think about it....
  • I visit Egypt, and I know that Egypt is affricate country and the people thier speak in arabic but sure Egypt is African country and the Arabs is just the definition of language
  • Yes, Egypt is a Northern African Country. But most Northern African countries are either people of arabic descent or berbers. Possible Reasons: I guess it's quite possible the Egyptians distance themselves from the globalized view of "Africa". Tribal and poverty stricken (and whatever stereotype you can throw at it). At one point, the British were close with the Egyptians (during the time the African continent was pretty much raped for it's riches and dignity. Also, The Egyptians were known as major enemies of the Nubians.
  • Ancient Egypt- the cradle of civilazation- was a black nation peopled by black people of the continent of Africa. Unfortunately, the Egyptian civilization collapsed (just like Rome, Greek, etc). Ancient Egypt faced with severe drought and a failed state, became a veritable ground for raiders from the Arab states in the Middle East. They succeeded in driving the black Egyptians southward and eventually occupied their lands. That was how modern day Egypt was occupied by Arabs. Therefore, the Egyptians of today are ARABS not Africans. By accident of geography, they are in Africa, but in all ramifications, they are Arabs.
  • Because Egyptians consider themselves as arabs. they are not african 90% of the country speaks arabic...does any other counrty in africa speak it....85% of the country is muslim is any other country in africa muslim. so egypt is apart of africa but they are infact arabs.
  • Because Egypt is in the Middle East and not part of the African continent...
  • They aren't... some Egptians are considered Arabs, some are considered Africans. There may even be another major ethnic group I am unaware of.

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